Area Rugs Full Guide 2023

Area rugs are the accent of home decoration.

You can always find a piece that you like most, that can label your taste, and add a special flavor to your living room, bedroom, washroom, or kitchen. It's about culture and history rather than a simple decoration. A piece of traditional Persian Oriental rug tells you a lengthy story of an ancient tribe. A piece of contemporary one adds a vivid paint to the living environment. Area rug can be functional as well, such as a colorful educational wall carpet for your kids' room.

So many area rugs are available in the market. With recent industrial inventions, new man-made synthetic fiber such as nylon and acrylic was put in use to create vibrant modern carpet. This lowers the cost of the area rugs significantly and makes this luxury flooring method more affordable, some are even on sale for a discount price. Choose your like, highlight the accent of your home decor, area rugs are a must! The sites listed here may provide the best and complete area rugs products in the market. Make your order on the Internet, and they will deliver the rug to your door. It's that convenient and easy.

Rug Care Tips

    • Don't expose rugs directly to sunlight. If the rug has to be under direct exposure to sunlight, rotate regularly to equalize effects of the sun.
    • Vacuum regularly and clean spills immediately
    • For professional deep-cleaning, be sure to use a rug cleaning specialist.
    • Always follow manufacturer's recommended cleaning methods.

Area Rugs for Living Room

The living room is the most noticeable room in the house. So appropriate home decor is very important for your living room. If you want a living room makeover, the most effective way is to find a fine area rug that is fine quality, long lasting, and decorative. You will find a lot of uses of area rugs that you possess. First of all, having an area rug in your living room gives it a bit of tasty color of whatever styles it contains. The area rug also welcomes guests to your house. These heart-warming rugs will earn you a couple of great compliments from your house guests.

Every pleasant area rug should use excellent material, woven with a lot of care, pretty, and naturally, enduring. As for living room rugs, it is far more than those qualities. They do not only have nice appearances and superb qualities, they also come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and a wide selection of styles. They can be hand woven or machine woven, and the surfaces can be smooth or rough depending on the material that they were made of.

There are lots of benefits from shopping for area rugs online. First of all, shopping online can get you lots of rugs and deals you cannot get from shopping in stores or by mail. And the Internet is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, so you can find the deals online wherever you are, whenever you want. At area rugs home decor, we guarantee you can find what you came here to look for. Your living room is ready to be decorated and become the center attraction of your house, just with a simple (but effective) touch of beautiful living room area rugs. So why wait when you can get great deals at this site with many benefits of the living room area rugs now! Your family and guests will be proud of this piece of charming accessory and so will you.

There it is, your newly laid authentic wooden floors. And with it, the new baby grand piano, the genuine leather sofa, the crystal chandelier, and the plasma TV. Don't you just get the feeling that you're missing something? Something to light up the living room, to give the room comfort, decoration, and a tint of fashion? Then what you need is an area rug to enchant your living room.

There is a wide selection of area rugs. Rugs are woven in different techniques, different styles, different topics, different colours, and for different occasions. From contemporary to traditional designs, from oriental to designers, out of millions of choices, there is one that is surely to fit your needs. Rugs are usually easy to clean. Most rugs are machine washable to your convenience so you don't have to worry about getting that spill on the rug.

Now that you've chosen your rug, you can put it on your new floors. You will every so often get a compliment from your guests about how you've designed your living room. They will be engaged by the beauty of your area rug. Now your living room is complete and you will, for once, be proud of a room that you've designed.


Area Rugs for Kitchen

The kitchen is the area in the house that has the most traffic. Spills happen there all the times. Yet a kitchen area rug is one of the necessities of the kitchen from the home decor aspect. Every room in the house has the right to be well decorated, and that includes your kitchen. The greatest benefit about having a kitchen area rug for your kitchen is that it adds a bit of taste of cultures and an excellent piece of ornament for your high traffic area of your home. Think about it, you will make your kitchen feel special, and so will you by looking at a well ornamented floor.

As we mentioned before, your kitchen is the room that has the highest traffic in the house. So when you're choosing your area rugs, make sure that you buy one with machine washable or easy to clean fabrics for your conveniences. And even for the most accident accruing place in you house, these rugs come in different sizes, shapes, and styles, like fruit rugs, cotton braided rugs, cloth braided rugs, and so much more choices. Choosing your kitchen area rugs are not hard. Just consider who will be using your kitchen (your husband who never cooks) and how they will be using it (making an dreadful mess), you can choose just the right rug for your kitchen and we guarantee that.

These carpets are very easy to manage also and do not need a lot of care to keep them in good shape and to keep them lifespan long. They are durable against water, moisture and even spillage. If your carpet gets awfully dirty, you can machine-wash them. Kitchen area rugs also have low prices. You can constantly find low sale prices for kitchen area rugs. Considering the mentioned benefits, a kitchen area rug is a must have for your home.

European Area Rugs Empire Collection

The Empire Collection is inspired by traditional French Savonnerie rugs with today's up-to-date colors. Hand tufted in India with 100% pure New Zealand wool featuring a luxurious thick and lush pile.

European rugs are a combination of classicism and romance. Like rugs from other part of the world, they were also originally a way to protect from cold weather and to provide warmth to the family. Time fly. These rugs were given more meanings as decoration rather than simple coldness protection. Back to hundreds of years ago, beautiful hand-woven area rugs were a symbol of higher class. Spectacular designed palace size area rug could only be found in royal family. As the European's arrival at Australia and New Zealand, the rich high quality wool resource brought European rug to a new era. In recent years, new industrialized materials are also introduced into rug manufacture, and this makes the European rugs more affordable. Customers can get a lovely piece of rug at a discount price.

Kids Rugs in a Kid's Eye

The ideal room in a child's eye would be colorful, comfortable, and full of that cartoon character that they love so much. If you are a parent or a grandparent, you might want to be a room designer for now and think like your kid. Does he want Spiderman? Does she want Barbie? Choosing the right rug for your child is a very important part of decoration a kid's room. You can find all types of rugs here including rugs for boys, girls, educational rugs, or shaped rugs.

Children's area rugs have a long history. Superstitious cavemen first used them with animal skins on the floor to protect their children. Today, area rugs are used for decorating our child's bedroom and providing a nice play area with both decorative and hygienic materials. The process of making a suitable children's area rug is unique. The procedure of injection dyeing provides the dazzling and lively colors of the rugs suited for children. Children's Area Rugs uses special backing materials to allow them to lie flat on the floor and to eradicate the harsh feel of standard rug backings. You and your child will be proud of the look and feel provided by possession of these gorgeous nursery accessories.

There are a couple of benefits of having a children's rug in your child's room. First of all, it gives the room some color affect, and makes the room spirited and vivid for the child. Secondly, the choices of the designs on the rugs are very wide, so you can choose the right one for your child to satisfy his or her desires. Thirdly, added to the two benefits above, it is easy to clean. Made from variety of fabrics, the children's area rugs are designed for spills and litters so that it's as easy as a snap to clean. With these benefits of having a decorative children's rug in your child's room, you wouldn't hesitate to order one today!

Transitional Area Rugs

Sometimes it is hard to catalog the rug to traditional or modern. It's simply a mix of the two kinds. It sits in between. The marvelous legacy design has a great influence on the rug manufacturing industry. With the invention of the new materials and new creative inspiration idea of pattern and style, joining the old designing, a new member of area rugs enters the home decoration market. That is transitional rug. Transitional rugs follow the heritage design with bright color and new material that gives the area rug a modern look. Some area rugs give a conventional look although they are woven using modern materials and industrialized manufacture. Other rugs appear very modern and use the most conventional fabric as pure wool. It caters to the taste of a lot of modern people who like to paint their home with a piece of ancient modern combination.

Traditional Area Rugs

When we look at a piece of traditional area rugs, we see a lengthy story behind the simple mat. The pattern and style on the carpet may be traced back to hundreds or even thousand years ago. As history turns its corner into 21 century, there are still many people have a crush on traditional designs for home decoration. The demand on area rug that matches this home decor flavor keeps high. No matter it is a piece of traditional Persian Oriental rugs, or European rugs, putting it into your living room, your bedroom, the kitchen, or even the washroom, it makes a big difference. With the new industrial invention on new materials and method of manufacture, the price of the rugs is getting cheaper and some are on sale for a discount price. This luxury adornment is no longer expensive and is affordable to most of us.

Braided Area Rugs

Braided rugs are excellent choice for home decoration. For each piece of braided rug, the yarns and fabrics are carefully selected to provide enhanced resistance to moisture and stains, strength against abrasion, environment concerns, in a word, better quality for home use. They are available in extended range of colors, styles, shapes, and size. A piece of braided rug can be a door mat, a piece in kitchen, in children's rooms, or a full size piece in the living room. No matter what your need is, there is always one right for you.

The braided rugs in this collection only use surface yarns that meet our highest standards. We never use odd lot or unknown fibers in order to control the quality of the yarns and their ability to accept dyes. Our braided rugs are made from first quality, USA made fabrics to ensure consistency in color and quality.

Whimsical Area Rugs

There are area rugs that are whimsical. We call them whimsical because they do not show the legacy patterns and styles on the rug, and they do not show those conceptual shapes either. The designers tend to put their feelings into their works. On their rugs, they want to show what they like, love, and care for. Some are their pets, some are their gardens, and some are just their dreams. Some extraordinary examples are the Rooster Rugs, Nautical Rugs, Fruits & Garden Rugs, Tropical Rugs, Animal Skin Rugs, and Dogs & Cats Rugs. Imagine a piece of whimsical rugs in your home, the smell of nature and the vivid colorful design will lead you wandering in the whimsy world.

Sheepskin, Shag, Flokati Area Rugs

Looking for an incomparable comfort? The catalog listed here are your choice. Sheepskin, shag, and Flokati rugs come with different styles, shapes, and looks, but they provide the same level of coziness. Sheepskin rugs are a natural product that usually comes with the shape of a whole skin of a sheep. The nature of sheepskin allows it perform best when you consider warmth and long lasting. Another remarkable rug member, Flokati rug, is also made of pure natural wool that gives super comfort. Flokati rugs were originated from this Greek Pindos mountain region over centuries ago. Starting off as clothing or bedding for shepherd for keeping them warm during the long winter months, Flokati rug provides extraordinary warmth and comfort. Need a touch of color to your home? Shag rug is your choice. The new industrialized materials present shag rugs with vibrant vivid color that come with numerous shapes and sizes. Imagine your bare feet buried in the shag rugs after your work, shower, or when you watch TV, it's a real relax.

Sisal & Jute Area Rugs

Sisal and jute area rugs are made of pure natural plant materials like seagrass, sisal, and jute. Some are with the support of some man-made add-on components like olefin or natural things like wool. The strength, stableness, and versatility character of this fabric makes sisal & jute rug naturally sound absorbing, anti-static, and extremely durable. Most suitable for indoor home use in a dry environment. Some famous designers provide area rugs that made of sisal and jute, such as Seagrass from USA, Jute Rugs from India, Coastal Living from China, Tanzania from China, Navarra Sisal from USA, Rhodes from Greece, Athena from Greece, Seaside from USA, DeKowe Sisal from Gernamy, and Natura Sisal from Italy. Their product are well designed and some items are on sale for a discount price.

Tibetan Area Rugs

Tibetan rugs have long history. They come from the high altitude Tibet plateau where the air is thin and most of the year it's cold. Animal fur, silk and pure wool is all you can find in a piece of Tibetan rug. These hand-woven rugs are in understated geometric designs. Some well-known Tibetan area rugs designers are Tibetan, Everest, Himalayan, Indo-Tibet, Highland, and Mirage. Many sites on the Internet offer beautiful Tibetan rugs at discount price.

Tufted Area Rugs

Hand tufted area rugs resemble more expensive hand knotted rugs in intricacy of design, detail and coloring. A hand tufted rug is constructed by pushing yarns through a heavy canvas backing, then shearing the face of the rug to create a cut pile. These rugs are very heavy and extremely dense in weave. Some renowned tufted rug designers are Classic, Import, Golden Jaipur, Pasha, Mandalay, Fiesta, Julian, Opal, Modern Art, Soho, Maison, Ruby, Persian Court, and Royal Dynasty. These gorgeous rugs are available in many online stores on the Internet.

Round Oval Area Rugs

Area rugs come with different shapes. The round rugs and ovals are the ones of the most favorite. A piece of round rug or oval rug can bring to the room a sense of pulsation and variation, add another layer of color to your life. Round rugs also save you some spaces so that it fits your limited room. Put under the furniture, the hardwood floor is well protected. A welcome rug in your hallway shows to your guest your hospitality. The famous designers that have magnificent round and oval rugs are Sphinx Collection, Royal Treasures, Royal Millennium, Visions, Milliken, Oriental Weavers, Foreign Accents, Safavieh, Nourison Oval, Milliken Oval, and Spencer Collection.

Hand Knotted Rugs

Hand knotted rugs are the oldest member in the area rug market. Skilled artists weave these rugs. Rather than a simple show-off of their exceptional skills, each piece of carpet represents a unique personality and spirit. The making of a single piece of rug may take several months. Sometimes they are relatively expensive, but they are worth it. Putting it in your living room, bedroom, working studio, or the kitchen, it makes so much difference. Some of the most famous hand knotted area rugs designers or types are Selaro, Gabbeh, Aubesson, Tibetan, Royal Kerman, Ziegler, Masterpiece, Sultan, Oushak, Chambrod, Turkomen, Old World, and Heirloom. They are available in the following shops.

Hand Hooked Rugs

Hand hooked rugs are woven using a hand hook to form a looped pile on a canvas or latex backing. As an American heritage manufacture method that was popular in the nineteenth century, it is now a noble art in the world and a prestigious member in area rugs family. Fine wool from Australia and New Zealand, legacy American design, and excellent manufacture in China, all these make hooked rug a world class home decoration selection. Many designers provide rugs for this category. They come with different style, shape and color. Chelsea Geo, Tracy Porter, Spencer, Colonial, Chelsea Flora, Heartstone, Heritage, Suzanne Nicoll, Children, Country Heritage, Global, and Bijoux are some of the famous designers that create fantastic hand hooked rugs. Their products cater to the diversified home decor taste.

Rug Pads

Rug pads are ideal partners for your area rugs. They not only prevent your area rug from sliding and slipping on hard surfaces but they also extend the life of your rug by providing a smooth, supportive base. They also look after your hardwood floor, prevent them from being scratched and abrasion. They allow your rugs to breathe and moisture to evaporate, preventing mildew and making vacuuming easy. This layer is usually very thin and does not add too much to the overall thickness. Some wonderful products come from Mega Lock, Rug Lock, Stay Put, Tiger Grip, Persian Dream, and Super-Loc.

Area Rugs - Stair Runner Rugs

Stair runner rugs are probably the most often used in home decorations, and they face the most rigid requirement for anti-abrasion. They are also known as stair rods or runners. By deploying a piece of runner rug on your stairs, your once ordinary looking stairs turns into a brand new appearance. The runner rugs are well designed to support extra frequent steps and heavy scrape. Stair runners are available from some famous designers, such as Oriental Weavers, Jewel, Sonnet, Visions, Shaw, Century, Huntington, Empire, Royal Millennium, Milliken, and Oxford Collection.

Area Rugs from Shaw Rugs

Shaw Rugs is one of the world's largest rug manufacturers. They provide a diversified catalogue of area rugs and featuring designs from many well-known designers. The beautiful rugs come out of the studio of Antiquities, Anthology, Chateau, Extraordinaire, Folk Works, Golden Age, Jack Nicklaus, Kathy Ireland, Legacies, Nexus, Opulence, Patrician, Phillip Crowe, Portfolio, Promenade, Regal Heritage, Reverie, Sassy, Serendipity, Studio, Trade Winds, Treasures, and Winterthur. Made in USA, they are high quality guaranteed.

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