Colored Rugs

Teal Rugs Comfort To Your Feet

The color teal is very popular because it is neutral and it adds a graceful look to any room you place teal rugs in. The rugs will blend in with your current decor. You can also use them with wood floors to give them an accented touch. With such candy-colored rugs, your floor will not be left unnoticed.

There are many different styles to choose from, such as smaller red area rugs, to keep your carpet or hardwood floors clean. They can be used in the kitchen, living room, bathroom or bedroom, and pretty much everywhere. Braided teal rugs are ideal for kitchens to catch dripping water or to keep your feet from getting cold when standing on a tiled floor while doing dishes or cooking. Braided brown and teal rugs are also ideal for living rooms to accent the decor aside from providing the needed function. If you are using teal bath rugs in your bathroom, you can match the accessories to the color. Regardless of which room you put them in, you can get matching accessories to add a finishing touch to your interior decorating.

Ideal Uses Of Teal Rugs

  • Other than home use, teachers can also use teal rugs in their classroom for reading and other classroom activities. Some students likewise use them in their dorms to make it feel warmer and comfortable just like at home.
  • If you have small kids at home, you probably know how difficult it is to remind them to dust off their footwear before wandering inside the house. With noticeable rugs like teal rugs, it might just make your kids stop and think to use the eye-catching rug properly.
  • One of the people’s favorite uses for attractive rugs like teal and purple rugs is in a playroom for kids. They can spend time there reading, putting things together or simply just playing around. The space on the rug makes a great place where kids can play with their toys. You can also sit with your kids and read them a book. Plus, you can take advantage of this when you are hosting a party wherein you can gather the children together on the rug.

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Rugs add a nice touch to any room in the house. They will match perfectly with the carpeting in your home unlike hardwood floors, which are difficult to match. For hardwood floors, a combination of brown and teal rugs is ideal. Further, area rugs are much easier to install than other types of rugs and floors that are available in the market today.

Teal rugs are priced reasonably and they make a good addition to the decor without the need to opt for high end items like oriental rugs. Using another type of rug with your carpeting will help prevent excessive wear and tear of the carpet. This means the life of your carpet is extended without having to spend more money to replace it.

There are various styles and shapes that you can choose from and many are found online. The internet is a good place to start to see some of the styles available before you buy. Researching is recommended to make sure you make a good an investment. By utilizing online research, you can compare pricing, materials, as well as the styles of different rugs, in order to prevent yourself from making a bad decision leading to low quality teal rugs being purchased.

Red Rugs

Most of the time, simple adornments provide the best aesthetic value to our homes. Take the example of rugs. They have been widely used not only to decorate but also to create a more affluent, elegant, or sophisticated look. In this particular aspect, red area rugs are best used to lighten almost any room accent. Contemporary red area rugs nowadays are used instead of the traditional wall-to-wall carpeting style since they are much more flexible. There are no installations are required. They can be easily re-designed. Ease of cleaning is assured whenever necessary.


Features Of Red Rugs

  • The aesthetic secret of red area rugs comes from their ability to create interesting demarcations and highlighted blocks. This in turn provides partition or designation of the distinct parts of the room that have separate purposes.
  • Another unique benefit of such rugs is to provide an element of decoration to a particular home or building area or floor that is often ignored or overlooked without the need for a total makeover just like candy-colored teal rugs.
  • Definitely, red colored rugs provide variety of styling effects. All shades of this color are eye catching and very much attractive since it is considered a warm color. This color can also be perfectly combined or complemented by either black or pure white; hence, there are numerous elegant black and red area rugs available in the market.

When choosing for the perfect red area rugs, the first consideration that should come to your mind is the dimensions of the floor they need to cover. For the larger size rooms and the living area, there will always be large red area rugs suitable. Sometimes, certain shapes and dimensions are a bit harder to find, but of course, it can always be solved by some minutes of research. You may also want to consider making a special order of rugs that are custom-made and tailor fitted on the specifications that you require.


Among the most popular design of red area rugs is Corolla. It has gained its popularity not only from the vivid red color but on the beautiful floral patterns, their plush and dense designs as well. It is also interesting to note that the floral designs of this type are handmade. Aside from this style, the European rug accent may also be an option. This can be achieved by purchasing red rugs that have embedded lacy and floral patterns. When opting for the modern day look, rugs bearing geometric or the sleek patterns are best for this purpose.

Yellow Rugs

A yellow rug is usually bought for playing areas and places meant for kids because of the cheerful atmosphere that they help create. The color yellow is generally associated with activity and vigor. They help stimulate the environment and thus many parents prefer yellow nursery rugs for their children's rooms. One can also opt for a combination of a blue and yellow rug to suit the preexisting interiors of the room. Boys are especially said to be fond of this color and will be quite happy if such a choice is made by the parents.

The Beauty of Yellow Rugs

A yellow rug has the ability to instantly make the area where it is placed cheerful and light. Apart from choosing a yellow rug for the children's rooms, one can also pick up a yellow area rug for any other area in the house that requires a little tweaking in terms of style and decor. One need not make any complicated changes in the interiors to improve the look of the home as a few brightly colored teal rugs, or a yellow rug can easily do the same job at a much lower cost. A yellow rug that has a beautiful and attractive design printed onto it can help to transform the look of a room. It can also become the focal point in the area where it is placed.

Designs and Styles of Yellow Rugs

There are many different shades of the color available in a yellow rug.

  • One can opt for either a pastel shade of the color, a darker tone or a bright tone that resembles the sun.
  • There are also certain rug manufacturing companies that create yellow rugs with unique designs on them. These designs can be floral patterns, cartoon characters, or even abstract designs.
  • One can even pick up a shade card and browse through the diverse hues available before making the choice of the kind of rug to purchase.

There are many companies that manufacture yellow rugs.  While purchasing a yellow rug, one must bear in mind the way that the room has been done up. There should not be too many dark shades in terms of wall paint or wallpapers as this can result in a clashing of the decor thus marring the look of the room. It is important to ensure that the rug being bought goes well with the things placed in the room. If one picks up a yellow rug carelessly, it can completely upset the design dynamic instead of enhancing it.

Cream Rugs

Rugs are used at different places in the house. They may be placed at the foyer, the doorstep, the bedroom and the entrance to the bathroom. One can choose to place a rug of any color depending on individual likes and dislikes. However, black and cream rugs are the most bought colors in these days, together with colored rugs . This is due to their ability to adapt to any kind of setting.

Benefits of Using Cream Rugs


Cream rugs tend to go well with any other wall colors. No matter what color the wall of an area has been painted, cream rugs can brighten up the entire look of the room without the requirement of any kind of extra efforts.

Bright Ambiance

To change a room’s mood cream rugs are perfectly suited for those who live in tropical areas of places that experience a hot summer every year. This is because the color of the rugs helps to make the place look bright and cheerful. Moreover, pastel shades significantly help to deal better with the hot climate as they do not absorb any sunlight.

Color Maintenance

Another advantage of cream rugs in the summer season is that they are not subject to any kind of fading due to the direct or indirect action of the sunlight. On the other hand, darker colored rugs can easily be spoiled due to the constant action of the suns rays and lose their original color in a short period of time.

Shapes and Materials of Cream Rugs

There are different shapes and materials of cream rugs that can be picked up.

  • One may purchase cream round rugs, triangular or rectangular ones. The shape that is chosen by a customer largely depends on the kind of floor area that is required to be adorned with the rug.
  • One can also choose large as well as smaller sized cream rugs as per the area of the house where they are to be ultimately placed.
  • A small sized rug will be able to solve the purpose in a small room or the bathroom.
  • But, if one wishes to place cream shag rugs in the living room, one will have to opt for relatively larger sized cream rugs.

Contrary to popular perception, it is not really that difficult to maintain cream rugs as they can simply be thrown into a washing machine from time to time when any traces of dirt are observed on them. They can be easily washed innumerable times as they do not lose their color quickly.

Purple Rugs

Doing the last few finishing touches on your new home or renovation project? The final task may have to do with interior decoration. One aspect that should not be put to the end of the list is the proper choice of floor rugs. Among the variety of colors to choose from, purple rugs may only come to the mind if that is your favorite color.


The Color PURPLE

This bold color should not be underestimated since it does not only add a unique and aesthetic theme for your home but represent some strong attributes as well. Purple has long been associated to the royalty, the affluent, wealth, leadership, and of luxury. Some psychologists even say that these purple rugs evoke a persons passionate side, nostalgia and romance.

Best Places To Place Purple Rugs

Though they can be adorned almost in every part of the house, purple rugs have their own best corners.

  • They are great in rooms that convey a more modern or contemporary look, and that their aesthetic value is highest in rooms toned with white and gray color scheme.
  • When you are not used to having large purple house accents, it is ideal that you start with something smaller.
    • Common examples may include rugs that are used in the bathroom or perhaps a medium sized one for the living room.
  • By the time you are confident in using these rugs that are purple, you can already divert to the larger floor rug and target other parts of the house as well.

Prior to just purchasing purple rugs in random, you have to consider some points.

Points To Consider in Buying Purple Rugs


  • First, you have to assess the room to be adorned.
  • Choose rugs that can best blend or complement the theme or color shade of the room or house area.
  • When running out of bright ideas, there are ample sources of tips, tricks, and sample designs like magazines, on the internet, or, from your designers advice.
  • When already at the home depot, don’t limit yourself to just plain purples, purple area rugs can be in a frosty plum style, teal, eggplant, violet, iris, amethyst, and you can also choose among those that are embroidered with designs, patterns, and themes.

After deciding on the color, design, and size of the purple rugs, we are left to the material type used to create them. The choice is either going for the natural fibers or the synthetic ones. When your interior or flooring is made out of wood, the best option is the natural ones. For the rough concrete and the not so delicate house parts, the synthetic ones would fit perfectly. You may also want to check if rugs made out of microfibers are already available on the stores, since this type of material are best when it comes to ease in cleaning, care and maintenance.

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