Beaulieu Area Rugs

About Beaulieu Area Rugs

Beaulieu area rugs will add elegance to your home

Beaulieu area rugs were first produced in 1978. This company was created by Carle and Meike Bouckaert. Beaulieu area rugs were considered to be some of the most affordable rugs of the time. These oriental rugs were some of the best being produced in the late 1970’s.


Beaulieu Rugs History

In 1981 beaulieu area rugs were being made from a fiber that the owners of the company created themselves, extruding polypropylene. As time went on the manufactures began to change the machinery used to create the rugs. They began expanding their company and began using what is known as broadloom. Towards the end of the 1980’s the producers of these rugs became the leading rug manufacturers in Canada.

Beaulieu Area Rugs Quality

Beaulieu area rugs are some the most beautiful rugs being manufactured today. They range in price from fairly inexpensive to those that cost thousands of dollars. The rugs themselves come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common shape of rug to be produced is the rectangular shaped rug. However, the rugs do some in various shapes such as round and oval. There are an assortment of color and designs that can be found.

Where to Buy Beaulieu Area Rugs?

Beaulieu area rugs are sold by various rug companies across North America. You can either visit the stores themselves or you can purchase them online from one of the many online rug stores.

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