Karastan Rugs

About Karastan Rugs

Karastan Rugs are some of the highest quality rugs in the world.
Karastan Rugs are made by the Karastan rug company. This company prides itself on producing some of the best area rugs in the world today. They are famous for their beautiful designs and durability. When you buy one of the many Karastan rugs available today you can be assured that you will have this rug for a lifetime.

Karastan Wool Rugs

Karastan Wool Rugs

Karastan Rugs Look

Karastan rugs are created by using the Karastan Ax Minster loom. This was the first powered loom used to create a large area rug such as those being produced by Karastan. The loom itself created rugs that looks just like the hand crafted ones from the Orient with the strands of yarn and wool showing in the back.

Karastan Area Rugs

Karastan Area Rugs

Karastan Rugs History

Karstan Rugs have been produced since 1928. This company recreates some of the best looks from the Orient and Ancient Persia. If you are interested in buying one of these rugs, then you can do so by looking on their website or at any of the online merchants listed in the menu below. They also have brochures available that you can order by email. The brochure will be sent to you so that you can look at the many rugs that they have to offer and you order your rug online from the comfort of your own home. It is possible you many be able to get a discount by ordering directly from the company.

Karastan Area Rugs A Work of Art

Karastan area rugs are truly a work of art. Designed and crafted to satisfy both the aesthetic and practical demands of the most discriminating individuals. They are the finest made. Karastan rug owners will be totally satisfied not only today but for many years to come because of the rugs' extraordinary beauty, quality and durability. Karastan area rugs add style and elegance to any home.

Karastan Wool Carpet

Karastan Wool Carpet

Karastan Rugs Quality

Karastan has been creating the most beautiful area rugs for over three-quarters of a century and they never stop getting excited about the rugs they are manufacturing and the innovations for interior design they are providing. Karastan area rugs warm up a room and can add a dramatic focal point or pull a room together with a subtle blend of color and pattern. You'll find a complete range of looks, from contemporary textures to decorative designs to classics from the Golden Age of carpet weaving. All created by master designers and colorists who share an eye for timeless styling. Only the finest materials go into the making of a Karastan area rug . Rich, lustrous color, soft and cozy wool pile and superior resilience and durability. A Karastan rug will provide you with enduring beauty, performance and value. You'll find several different, distinct and unique collections from Karastan. The Mahira Collection is woven of New Zealand wool and derives its distinctive character from the more than 30 colors of individually dyed yarns used in each pattern, together with a unique and proprietary finishing process developed by Karastan. The Bakhtiyari pattern is richly detailed with a sequence of panels, each depicting some aspect of the garden, with artistic symbols and mystical motifs. A variety of sizes and shapes are available in selected patterns. Check out the online selection of Karastan area rugs today.

Karastan Rugs Wide Variety

You'll be surprised to find a wide variety of discount Karastan area rugs at many online merchants. Check out an Oriental Karastan rug if that is your style. Karastan recognizes the value of reproducing highly fashionable hand-knotted rugs from Ancient Persia and the Orient. Bringing a Karastan into your home will add a warmth and beauty that will last a lifetime. Made from the highest quality materials, you'll find a Karastan made just for you. Shop online for the best selection, service and price.

Karastan Rugs FAQ

Where are Karastan Rugs Made?
Karastan area rugs are produced in the United States.

Are Karastan rugs wool?
Yes, Karastan rugs are 100% wool.

Are Karastan rugs hand knotted?
In the past Karastan rugs were 100% hand knotted, today some of them are made with machinery, but many are still hand knotted.

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