Washable Kitchen Rugs

Washable Kitchen Area Rugs

Kitchen area rugs are a great way to improve the look of any room in your kitchen. Our goal of this website is to provide you with the information you need and the best products available today, tomorrow and into the future that will allow you to decorate your home. Take advantage of the opportunity to sit back and browse from home for your perfect area, oriental, Persian rug or a contemporary area rug. You will be surprised at the many options available for discount area rugs at low prices online. Whether it is a kitchen, bath or kids area rug you won't be disappointed in the selection of choices available to you. The styles, textures and information about area rugs are endless.

Kitchen Throw Rugs

Kitchen Throw Rugs

Find all your information about area rugs, contemporary, modern and custom area rugs choose from the following rug articles. Avoid the crowds, the traffic and the lack of service when shopping from the comfort of your own home. Be prepared for some super savings like free shipping you'll find from selected merchants online. Make you dreams come true with an accent, throw or contemporary area rugs made of fine materials such as silk, cotton and wool. Change the decor of your room without spending a lot of money with the many fabulous discount area rugs available online.

Area rugs are available in crazy designs such as animal print, sunflower, southwestern or surfboard to solid colors of red, black, blue or white there are round, outdoor, runners or floor rugs for any sized space in your home. Add personality, warmth and texture to your room with a fur, bear, sheep skin or leather rug. The options are open when you shop online and take a detailed investigation into what you are buying. Don't pay in store prices. Online shopping offers you many more great prices for the same products. Save yourself time and money by shopping online. Enhance the beauty of you home without going into debt to do it. For all your discount area rugs check out below for the different rugs for every room in your home.

Kitchen Rug Ideas - Gallery

Kitchen Area Rugs Decor

Add to the decor of your kitchen with a kitchen area rug. Being an area of high traffic you might want to look at something durable with a low pile or a braided rug style. You also want to consider how easy it is to clean. Many spills occur in this room so the convenience of clean up is essential. Look for a great selection in all shapes, sizes and colours online.

A kitchen accent rug can add personality to your room without taking over. In different sizes and shapes you can add a variety of designs and styles to add to the look of your room. The ease of having a washable product makes them eay to care for. Add a country design or look for a fruity look such as a cherry, apple or multi fruit to cheer up your room. Have some fun and save some money by purchasing online.

Black Kitchen Rugs

Black Kitchen Rugs

An even easier way to change the look of your room is with a kitchen throw rug. The multitude of colours, shapes and designs will have you wanting to try them all out. And it's so easy to do by browsing and shopping online. Many manufactures offer great quality at great prices with guaranteed low prices and free shipping what better way to shop. From the comfort of your own home and saving you time and money. Pick out your next decorative rug online.

Kitchen Accent Rugs

There are many different types of kitchen accent rugs. They come in all shapes and sizes as well as different materials. Many people have kitchen accent rugs nestled in front of the cupboard where the sink is. This is the area where you stand when doing dishes or preparing food. These kitchen accent rugs are usually small and shaped like a semi-circle with the straight part fitting closely to the cupboard.

Brown Kitchen Rugs

Brown Kitchen Rugs

Others use kitchen accent rugs under the table to protect the floor from the legs of the table. These rugs are usually round and are a bit larger than the size of the table. Kitchen rugs are not usually expensive because the kitchen is one room of the house that is the most well used and sees the most traffic. Therefore most people tend to purchase discount rugs that may be on sale in department stores and keep the more expensive rugs for the living room.

One thing that you have to be careful of with using kitchen accent rugs is that the material they are made of will not burn easily if something hot is dropped on them. If you have a rug especially designed for a child, the edges should be taped down with carpet tape to avoid slippage. Since the floor of a kitchen is generally vinyl or linoleum, accent rugs that have jute backings can be very slippery.

Kitchen Fruit Rugs

What better way to transform an ordinary kitchen than a variety of fruit rugs.
While still casual in design fruit rugs have a fun and lively style that never goes out of fashion. No other refurbishing implement can influence the overall ambiance of a kitchen as swiftly and as significantly than a rug, with cheerful cherries in vivid red or luscious lemons in bright yellow to add a vibrant punch of color to any room. Whether placed under the table, or off in an otherwise bare corner, choose from a variety of stunning fruit rugs that will brighten your home.

Lemon Kitchen Rug

Lemon Kitchen Rug

Handcrafted from 100% wool, these carpets are expertly fashioned with a precise petit hook method. True, clear colors and superior durability make fruit rugs a great value. You'll find an orchard of colors with detailed fruit designs. Some of these rugs features a dye-injection process that results in lasting, brilliant colors. Made of premium nylon, taped edges and embossed latex backing. Enjoy a washable fabric to make these rugs last a long time. Bring life to your kitchen with splendid apples or pineapples or transform your room with a beautiful country theme. The ideas are endless when you use your imagination.

Fruit Kitchen Rug

Fruit Kitchen Rug

Fruit rugs add a creative flair to your kitchen, den, patio or sun room for you to enjoy all year long. Easy to care for with a versatility and durability you'll come to appreciate. It doesn't take much to change the look and feel of a room you are tired of. These rugs add light and cheer to welcome character and warmth to your room. The comfort you'll feel from a simple rug will relax you and invite you to have a second cup of coffee. You'll find a variety of these rugs to add that special touch to your decorating ideas that a put a smile on your face.

Kitchen rugs for Home Improvement

Market research has shown that kitchen and bathroom upgrades are the two home improvement projects that add the most value to your home. Whether you are renovating with the intention of selling immediately, or upgrading the space for you and your family to enjoy, you can be confident in getting a return on your investment. If your kitchen needs a face lift, but you don’t have a huge budget to work with, try a fresh coat of paint and a kitchen rug to cover worn flooring or just give the space a little added warmth. While a rug in the kitchen may seem counter intuitive because it is more difficult to clean than a bare floor, area and throw rugs are actually gaining popularity.

Kitchen Rug Placement

Kitchen Rugs Depending on the size of your kitchen, you may find multiple areas that are suitable for a rug. Common placements include in front of a sink, bar, stove, or beneath stools in a breakfast nook or dining space. If you choose to put a rug beneath your table and chairs, keep in mind that it will be more difficult to access for cleaning. Area rugs that are small enough to carry outside to shake out actually make cleaning of anything dry like crumbs or bits of food and cereal much easier than sweeping or wet-mopping your floor. If you have an open floor plan, you may consider a rug at the entryway to the kitchen to help better delineate your floor space and keep any food-related dirt from being tracked into other areas of your home.

Black Kitchen Rug

Black Kitchen Rug

Rug Size & Style

Kitchen rugs come in a huge range of colors, textures, and shapes. You should pick something that complements the color scheme and decor of the kitchen. Avoid bright whites or solid blacks because they show dirt more easily. A cream, grey, or tan kitchen rug will require much less cleaning in order to keep your kitchen looking great. The texture should be understated if your decor follows a traditional style, but you can experiment with bolder textures or prints if you have a more contemporary kitchen. Try to avoid thick carpeting because food can get trapped down inside of it too easily.

The size of your kitchen and adjoining dining area will largely dictate the size of the rug you purchase. We recommend sticking with small area or throw rugs rather than something bulky that is custom cut to fit the floor layout. Small rugs are great for cold winter mornings when the wood or tile floors are still a little too cool to be comfortable with bare feet. By starting with a smaller rug, you can see how you like having parts of your kitchen floor covered, and you can always go bigger in the future.

Why Should I Use a Kitchen Rug?

In addition to serving as an outlet for interior decorating, kitchen rugs protect your flooring and keep it clean. No matter what the size of your family, every kitchen sees a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis. You may even notice worn patches in your floor where you do most of your food preparation and cooking. Strategic placement of area rugs can cut down on the wear and tear that your flooring sustains, extending its usable lifetime. Aside from the wear and tear, a rug will catch any spilled food and cooking grease that could stain your floors. Most area rugs can be shaken out and tossed in the washing machine for routine cleaning. In the extreme case of a permanent stain, wouldn’t you rather replace a small rug rather than go through the hassle of removing and reinstalling new flooring? For this reason, kitchen rugs are a smart investment.

Kitchen Area Rugs

Accessorizing your kitchen can prove to be a difficult task, due to the sheer number of appliances and cooking utensils you need to maintain the function of the room. You can clean up the overall look with a new face plate for your dishwasher, or new burners for the stove, but short of purchasing new appliances, these staples don’t lend themselves to much change. Instead, you should focus on accessories, paint color, and fabrics that you use for dishtowels, hot pads, and curtains. A few common additions are a small spice rack, canisters for storing baking ingredients that can sit out on the counter, and stylized magnets or message boards for the refrigerator or any magnetic surface. If you’ve exhausted all the standard accessory ideas, you may turn to a few larger scale projects that can give your kitchen a new look. These include wallpaper trims, tiled splash backs above the counters, and perhaps the easiest option, kitchen area rugs.

Benefits of Kitchen Area Rugs

Kitchen Area Rugs Area rugs for the kitchen and eating areas are gaining popularity not only because they can add a bit of color and dimension to the space, but also because they prevent staining and scratching of the primary flooring. They also reduce the chances of glasses or dishes breaking if they are dropped during use. If you don’t have the budget to upgrade laminate flooring to hardwood or tile, an area rug can make your kitchen look more expensive, while tying together your overall room design. Placing the rug in front of the sink where you are likely to do a lot of your food preparation can help catch spills, while using an area rug as a mat beneath stools or chairs can prevent scratches in the flooring as people sit and move around to eat. Area rugs also give entryways a nice touch and reduce the tracking of crumbs into other areas of your home where they may be more problematic.

Available Styles

You should choose an area rug style that adds to your kitchen decor. If you have a traditional country style kitchen, you can find a thick braided rug that matches the charm of the accessories you already have in place. If you have a formal Victorian style kitchen, an Oriental rug may be a good choice – the intricate design will enhance the elegance of the room. Finally, if you have a stark or contemporary style, a herringbone sisal rug with color-blocked details that match your other accent colors will give you the understated look you are going for. Don’t be afraid to browse and shop around. Shops may have fabric swatches you can take home for a better comparison before you make your purchase.

Enhance Your Flooring and Safety

In addition to hiding damaged flooring or preventing wear and tear over time, you can use a non-slip area rug liner beneath your rug to provide better traction in the kitchen. Hardwood floor can be slippery, so a small rug can improve the safety of your space as you work with hot water, oils, and grease for cooking. You should find rug pads that are custom cut to the size of your area rug online or at any local retailer. These pads will improve the durability of your rug, while holding it securely in place.

So why not purchase a kitchen area rug to take advantage of their aesthetic appeal as well as their other functions? You can shop online to find great prices on an enormous selection of area rugs. The best part is that your order will be delivered right to your door, and with a quick installation, you can be enjoying the area rug in no time.

Kitchen Throw Rugs

Throw rugs are available in a tremendous range of styles and prices. You can find simple oval styles for less than $30 and high-end Persian rugs that sell for more than $1000. Due to this range, it is important to shop around and conduct price comparisons to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. Often you are paying more for high-quality materials, but they aren’t always durable. This wide range of options means that there is an ideal rug for any space or purpose you can imagine, even your kitchen! Kitchen throw rugs should be easy to clean, durable, and should protect the flooring beneath them from stains, scratches, and average wear and tear. If you’re not completely sold on the idea of a rug in the kitchen, start with a simple mat in front of your sink or bar to see how you like it, then venture into larger rugs or bolder colors for the space as you become more comfortable.

Throw Rugs Suitable for the Kitchen

Kitchen Throw Rugs The biggest hurdle to finding a throw rug for you kitchen is that the material needs to be stain resistant. Even if you don’t have small children in your family, we all drop things and spill drinks from time to time. You need something that can stand up to food, grease, hot oil, and anything else you work with in the kitchen. You also want a material that doesn’t absorb odors easily. This is critical to keeping your home smelling clean and fresh. The kitchen is likely to see lots of traffic from hungry kids, friends, and even pets, so plan on cleaning the rug on a weekly basis.

Several options are available that are machine washable, but they require air drying. You should avoid rugs with rubber or latex backings for several reasons. These materials will melt if you try to wash them in the washing machine, and they can also stain vinyl flooring over time. If you’ve ever seen yellow stains on a laminate floor, it is likely due to repeated contact with a rubber or latex based rug or mat pad.

A jute or cloth-backed rug won’t cause any staining to your floor, but it may be slippery. An inexpensive area rug pad can be used to secure the throw rug in place. Cut the pad to be just an inch smaller than the rug in each dimension so that it is easy to align without showing. It may take two people to get the pad and rug aligned.

Affordable Decor

Do you like to redecorate your living space every couple of years? For those of us with ever-changing styles, kitchen throw rugs offer a much more affordable solution than full carpeting. You can quickly and easily change the color palette of your room, or you may even decide to change the rug with each season. A simple inexpensive woven throw rug can be used for six months and then thrown away and replaced without much hassle or waste.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Be sure to ask about the cleaning and care instructions before you purchase a kitchen throw rug. A machine washable option will make life easier for you, and proper care will lengthen the lifetime of the rug itself. While you will have no trouble finding rugs that can be tossed in the washing machine, it is unlikely that the material will withstand repeated trips through the dryer. Instead, you will need to hang the rug outdoors or in a well-ventilated are for 1-2 days until it is completely dry and can be returned to the kitchen.

Washable Kitchen Rugs

Easy to clean accessories are a must in high traffic areas of your home like the kitchen and bathrooms. Washable kitchen rugs are being marketed more aggressively than ever before as an essential part of a modern home. They can be used at entryways, in front of the sink, or under your kitchen table. It makes sense that you should select the fabric for your washable kitchen rugs carefully because you want them to wash and dry easily, plus they should be durable enough to last a long time before you need a replacement.

Protect Your Floors With Washable Kitchen Rugs

If you have nice hardwood or tile floors, you probably want to protect them from stains, scratches, or any other kind of damage. An area rug can help. Most often, you’ll see washable kitchen rugs at the doorway to encourage people to wipe their feet rather than track dirt or crumbs through the house, but the rugs can serve other purposes as well. If you have a rug beneath you where you prepare most of your food, you can catch spills and easily shake the rug outside rather or toss it in the washing machine rather than getting out the wet mop for the floor. If you have stools lined up along a counter or a full table with chairs, you might consider using a rug beneath them to prevent scratches in your flooring as friends and family slide them around to sit and maneuver through the kitchen.

Washable Kitchen Rugs at Reasonable Prices

Washable Kitchen Rugs You don’t have to have a huge budget to outfit your kitchen with rugs. Sure, you can find expensive area rugs, but there are tons of options available for $50 or less, especially if you search through online vendors. This will allow you to purchase two or three washable kitchen rugs that you can use in rotation, just like you would sheets or bath towels. Some families find that they like using a different rug for each season, which also keeps the kitchen decor from becoming monotonous. Moving area rugs only takes a few moments, and they are easily stored rolled up in closets or basements. This is probably the biggest benefit of area rugs over wall-to-wall carpeting.

Throw Rugs vs Area Rugs

When shopping for washable kitchen rugs, make sure that each rug is machine washable rather than suitable for spot cleaning, and also make sure that it will fit inside your washing machine. Most rugs have to be hung outside to dry, so the size of your dryer won’t be a limiting factor. Throw rugs tend to be made of thin material without any fancy backing to hold them in place. If you have trouble with the rug slipping, you can cut an inexpensive rug mat to match its size and keep it securely in position. Throw rugs are the least expensive floor cover you can find, and they last just about as long as a standard bath towel if laundered properly.

Area rugs on the other hand are not always machine washable. You can’t put a rug with a rubber or latex backing into the washing machine because it can’t withstand the heat or the detergent. Area rugs are larger than throw rugs and may need to be professionally cleaned at the dry cleaner if they won’t fit into your washing machine. This is an added expense that you should take into account before you make your selection.

Finally, if you are ordering your washable kitchen rugs online, check to make sure they come with a money back guarantee. Fabric doesn’t always photograph well, and you may find that the actual product color differs from what you’d expected based on pictures online.

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