Oval Area Rugs

Oval area rugs are a wonderful way to soften all the harsh lines and corners of a room. Just think of all the rectangular or square shapes you have in your room: windows, tables, book cases, etc. An oval rug is the perfect complement to nearly any room. Another advantage of an oval rug's size and shape is that it will often fit in places that may be a little bit of a tight fit since there are no corners. Measure carefully to be sure. No corners also mean one less weak area to the rug for it to begin to unravel or fray. A large oval rug will augment the center of the room so beautiful colors and patterns will be very welcome and eye-catching as a focal point. Also consider oval rugs for certain niches or nooks you may have in your home that are not straight or square, like an alcove with a window seat. Oval rugs can fit any traditional, transitional or contemporary style you may be establishing for your new home and can be found in jutes, shags, wools, and even play rugs for the kids' bedroom.

An oval rug looks very nice under a coffee table, but placing an oval rug under a dining room table has a few tricky elements. You must take into consideration the chairs, both when pushed up to the table and when slid out for a diner. Nobody wants their chair to feel unstable when it is half-on and half-off a rug. An oval rug under a dining table should be large enough to accommodate the entirety of all the chairs when a people are seated in them. For some settings this may mean adding two feet or more to each side of the table's dimensions, or in other words, four feet to the length and four feet to the width of the table. If your dining table is expandable you will want to take that into your calculations also. To be on the safe side you may need to order an oval rug nearly as large as the room may permit. Many oval rugs are braided and for the dining setting there is also one consideration: where chairs are going to be frequently slid across the surface of the braids and sometimes placed where they stress the seams between braids, you may see some separation develop. For a high quality rug, this may not occur for years, but it is a concern for a high-use placement of the rug.

One caution to buying area rugs or any home decor item online: colors that you view on your monitor may not be true to what you see when you get your item in your home, though the color range may be close enough for most people. If you are really fastidious about matching your colors just right you should take your fabric swatches or paint chips with you when you shop to some home design store and buy what you see. Many people like to find sales online, and they like the assorted styles, sizes, convenience, and bargains that can be found by shopping online. As a precaution deal with only the most reputable online retailers and check out their returns policy, particularly if you must pay return shipping. Some web stores may permit you to make returns to a store's physical location.

One feature to pay attention to in buying any oval and square rugs is its thickness, as well as its length and width. You may like a rug to be thin to fit under a swinging door, or thick to be soft on the feet. The oval area rug you buy should be well-made and roll completely flat from the moment you place it on the floor. Your oval area rugs may serve as accent rugs over wall-to-wall carpet or runner rugs down a hallway. They are excellent in kitchens, the living room, or a bathroom. Many rugs are also labeled suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

If your oval area rug is serving the purpose as a mat by an entrance door or to protect a floor by a sink or refrigerator, you may want to check to be sure that it is washable and that the rug's washing instructions meet your expectations for convenience or not. Whether your rug is natural fiber or synthetic fiber may determine some of its care. Also, consider oval rug pads to extend the life of your rug.

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