Sisal Area Rugs

Sisal area rugs are extremely durable, and look great in both indoor and outdoor areas.

If you are considering buying area rugs, no shopping experience would be complete without considering the possibility of sisal area rugs. Seagrass rugs, or sisal area rugs, have become massively popular in recent years due to their stylish looks and great versatility!

These rugs are much admired as design elements, since they fit almost all rooms in a given household. On top of that, they’re blessed by nature with really cozy and all natural looks.

There are a large number of consumers today who feel that seagrass is an odd choice of fiber when it comes to area rugs. According to design experts, however, this is actually a very sensible choice of material for the purpose. A sisal area rug is highly durable and is extremely resistant to any potential stains, making it fit for use in active environments with high levels of foot traffic.

Sisal area rugs have a reputation for wearing well and they’re resistant to a large number of household hazards that most conventional rugs can’t withstand. Fibers used in seagrass rugs originate in China where a large number of such rugs are widely produced. No wonder they look especially suited to Asian themes.

Their strength lies in the fact that they’re capable of matching with any naturalistic theme. There could be many different colors that they come in, but the most common ones are soft green and brown sisal area rugs.

Clearly, there are many benefits to using this all natural fiber for area rugs. People also like the worldly appeal to them, considering the fact that these rugs come or originate from far out locations. For instance, some of the varieties of sisal fibers are extracted from Africa, as well as South American cactus plants.

Not only are they entirely natural, there’s zero risk of causing allergic effects on anyone. It has been scientifically proven that the sisal rugs that are sold these days do not have any dust particles. Similarly, they’ve never tested positive in any diagnostic test for allergens.

Grown in arid regions, solely cacti produce the required kind of fibers in sisal area rugs. For an all natural fiber, sisal is extraordinarily strong and highly durable. It’s said that it’s capable of withstanding almost anything! As a result, these rugs are well suited for indoors as well as outdoor usage.

To wrap it all up, here are the main five benefits of using a sisal area rug in your home.

1. They’re all natural and environment friendly, as they come from natural sisal fibers harvested multiple times every year.

2. They have a reputation of being sound-absorbent. Sisal rugs can naturally absorb surplus sound within your home by way of the fibers’ special molecular structures.

3. They’re fire-resistant. So, you can enjoy some peace of mind considering you are using all natural material that is resistant to fires/flames. This makes sisal fireplace rugs extremely popular. Isn’t that a greatly safer alternative to go for?

4. They’re durable as well as rigid. It’s hard to believe, but the sisal area rug can withstand even the heaviest traffic areas in your home.

5. By nature, sisal is anti-static. So you can expect it to repel static electricity within your home by way of sisal area rugs.

If you like the sound of this material, continue your search by looking online and in local home décor stores.


Round Sisal Rug

The round sisal rug is a contemporary take on the more common rectangular one.

The sisal rug is one of the hotter interior decorating trends in homes these days. While they may not be comfortable to sit on, they do look great and last a long while thanks to their durable composition.

Having a sisal rug in your home’s indoor or outdoor environment is definitely going to earn you a savvy image with friends and family. Most of these come in square and rectangular shapes. How about a round sisal rug though? This adds a contemporary look and feel to an already impressive floor covering.

Let’s take a look at a few of the circle sisal rugs available for sale online. Keep in mind that these are just several of the many possibilities you’ll find. If none of these appeal to you, simply keep on looking and you’ll find something great.

Hand-woven Khaki Sisal Wool Rug (8′ Round)

You can get this product at for a little more than $120. This round sisal rug will add great value to your home for such a reasonable price. It serves as a great accent piece in living rooms and other rooms where guests are common. With great craftsmanship, this round sisal wool rug is nicely hand-woven and features top notch flat weave designs.

With a cotton border and rubber backing, you can be assured that this rug will stand up to a good deal of impact. It’s ideally thick at 0.33 and comes in a nice beige color.

Sage Green Sunset Natural Sisal Half Round Rug

You can find this product at many online stores. One such website offering this rug for sale is

Costing less than $90, this is a very well priced sisal round rug. It’s a naturally woven sisal rug that leaves people impressed. The size and shape of this item both lend very well to placements like those right by the fireplace, as the solid print on it will allow it to match easily with virtually any fireplace.

Are you wondering why the designers made this product especially for fireplace environment? Well, characteristically, sisal is flame/fire resistant. This makes it much safer than other fireplace area rugs might be.

Above all this, these round sisal rugs come with twine-like weaving to ensure strong and durable protection. It’s a 100% sisal product with 48″ L x 27″ W dimensions, and a sage green color.

A 90-day limited warranty is a nice touch to these round sisal rugs too. Read more about it if you’re interested in buying this circular sisal rug, but you’ll see that it gives you some decent protection initially following your purchase.

Hand-woven Sisal Black Rug (8′ Round)

At, you can find this round sisal black rug for around $150. Sisal has the appeal or charm of its own – be it in terms of utility of looks. In addition to being hand-woven, this sisal rug product stands strong as a stylish area rug that comes with latex backing.

You can also use it if you want to feature its casual style as a floor rug. It should match well with almost any room in your home since it has the all natural tan color of sisal fiber.

The cotton border it comes with is in plain black too. The product has just around 0.33 inch thickness, make it on the somewhat thinner side. As a result, an anti-skid pad might be a good idea to ensure the optimal traction level.

If you’re looking for a lightweight feel to any round sisal area rug, this should be a great possibility.

These are just three great ideas, all unique in their own regard. Have a look at these products if they appeal to you, and you’ll find that each of the retailers mentioned has plenty of other round sisal rug products offered for sale as well.

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