Square Area Rugs

What are Square Area Rugs Used for?

Square area rugs help to solve the interior decorator's problem of the square room. If you are not going to use some wall-to-wall carpeting or you want to add a decorative accent on top of an expanse of hard surface flooring or carpet, a square area rug is the ideal solution. The advantage to using a square one is that it will leave an equal area of flooring exposed on all sides of it. This balance is very pleasing to the eye. Also your home decor may have many flowing soft lines such as in overstuffed furniture or the curvy lines in the wall paper or decorative accessories. The precise lines of a square area rug keeps the room from looking too plain.

Depending on the design you choose, your square area rug may have a circular medallion or other design in the middle. It is nice if you have some open space in the middle of your room to be a focal point of this decorative accent. Alternatively, you can choose a small rug with a less busy design to just fit under a square coffee table. The style of your rug can fit almost any decor you choose: country, modern, contemporary, traditional. You can decorate your new home or makeover a home you have lived in for years. Especially when you are purchasing new furniture you will want to have a look at your floors and how you can dress them up. Consider a swirl wool rug design or a hand made rug by Soho Burst for a modern room. Modern rooms love a lot of contrast. If you like a traditional Persian design you may need to look a bit harder, but you will be well rewarded with a classic style. Also remember you can purchase indoor/ outdoor polypropylene rugs for your patio or deck. Quality area rugs can be braided, hand made, machine made, hand tufted, wool and silk, natural jute, and come in as many shape options, color combinations, and sizes you can imagine.

If you cannot find the right design in a square rug you can consider a round area rug to provide contrast in your home decoration. Consider the wear and tear that your floors will receive from foot traffic and choose the appropriate rug for your own situation. An area rug under a dining room table looks nice especially if you can provide at least two feet of clearance for the sliding of dining chairs around the table. There are even many play rugs made with fun or educational themes. A non-slip rug pad under your area rug will help to keep it in place if it is not anchored by furniture and also helps to make the rug feel softer to bare feet and preserve its longevity. Be certain you know the care instructions for your rug, whether dealing with synthetic blend fibers or natural fiber rugs, so you can safely clean and preserve this art for your floor.

Square Rugs

Square rugs are the perfect solution for transforming that inconsistent and disproportionately themed living space into an elegant marvel of interior design.

Transition the radiating feel of being boxed in a confined square space into a larger, more natural that maintains theme consistency and adds freedom to the atmosphere of your living space. As a side benefit, your refined living space will stack up with your home equity.

Types of Square Rugs

There is a broad range of square area rug products available from a vast range of manufacturers; the most prominent being Mohawk Industries, which has over a dozen product lines to meet a wide range of budgets and criteria.

From nylon to leather and vinyl available in a myriad of color options. All of which are capable of not only visually matching the theme of your living space, but also the feel and atmosphere of it.

What is Your Budget and what are Your Needs?

Now that you have an understanding of the various square rugs available for purchase, the next step is determining which option will yield the greatest cost-effectiveness. If you are on a low budget, there are several smaller high quality rugs that you can put together to form the same size rug that a cheap, synthetic.

If your budget can afford it, consider opting in for additional features such tightly interwoven fibers that are non-absorbent for protection against stains, spills, and cold temperatures. In terms of needs, consider the size and shape of your room.

By selecting a rug that has proportional space covered by your primary flooring between the rug itself and the wall, you will give the illusion of a larger room. Square rugs with circular designs also give way to maintaining theme consistency and draw attention away from the square confines of a room. A special consideration to take into account is when selecting an area rug for your dining room.

The dimensions should extend at least two feet (twenty-four inches) beyond the perimeter of the table for chair movement. In addition, having a circle table with square rugs and vice versa can add a certain visual appeal to the atmosphere of your dining room.

Consider Your Constraints

Although defining your needs is important, it is equally so for your constraints. You do not want a square area rug that covers so little that it stands out and disrupts the continuity of your living spaces theme. You also do not want an enormous square area rug that fills so much space that it becomes the centerpiece.

Take into account how frequently your budget may afford the desk you purchased. For instance, if you purchase a cheap, synthetic material square area rug, you will likely have to replace in a shorter time-frame than say a high quality wool and nylon rug.

Find a Balance between Efficiency, Functionality, and Style

While efficiency and functionality are essential elements of influence during the selection process, style is not be excluded. Chances are you will interact and observe your square rugs daily so it is best to select an appealing option to add a touch of elegance to your living space. This touch of elegance will supplement the larger, more natural refinements of your living space and yield even greater home equity.

So what are you waiting for? Transform that inconsistent and disproportionately themed living space into a perpetually elegant marvel of interior design that will boost your home equity and create an enjoyable experience for your household and its guests using square rugs – a simple, multipurpose all-in-one solution.

Choosing The Right Outdoor Rugs

Choosing the right outdoor rugs for your home and garden is a fantastic way to show off your personal style and tastes. There are many different patterns and colors to choose from so take your time.

The first thing to consider is what sort of themes and patterns that are already present in you garden. Get some ideas from your already existing patio furniture and flower garden.

Matching your outdoor rugs with the rest of your garden is easy if you know what you are looking for. Take into consideration all the different colors and patterns that are visible.

If you can’t find any outdoor rugs that suit your design themes, you can also consider the option of having a set custom made.

There are many companies available on the internet that can take your ideas for what you are looking for and create something that will go great with the rest of your outdoor themes. This way you can choose from thousands of different colors and patterns to get exactly what you want.

Choosing the right type of outdoor rugs for our home

There are several different types of outdoor rugs that you can choose from as well. Depending on the weather in your area and the amount of traffic you want them to be able to handle, you will need to choose a suitable material that will be able to handle it all. Be sure to consider all of the factors before you make the choice.

If you regular host to many patio parties and enjoy entertaining many guests, you may want to consider something that will be thick and durable.

This way your outdoor rugs will last for a much longer time and still look great after a lot of use. Try to choose something that is more durable than a simple wool rug, such as polypropylene or bamboo.

If you are in a place with a lot of wet weather than you will definitely need your outdoor rugs to be able to handle the moisture without being ruined by it. Try using something that is a little thinner, this way it won’t absorb as much of the moisture and will last longer.

On the other hand, if you are really concerned by the weather, choosing several small rugs that can easily be folded up and brought inside during wet weather may be the best option.

No matter which outdoor rugs you choose, always remember to maintain them and keep them clean to ensure that they last as long as they can.

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