Washable Area Rugs

Washable area rugs are a great solution for a number of problem areas in your home decor. For all the entrances to your home, it is great to have rugs for catching dirt and rain water or melted snow left on the floor or wall-to-wall carpet by the door. A washable rug is important in these areas because they will need frequent cleaning to look nice. Another place some people like a washable area rug is in their bathrooms. Some people don't like the look or feel of the traditional style fluffy bath mat and prefer the choices in texture and design in area rugs. Kitchens are also a great place for a washable area rug. Whether you have a hard surface floor or a kitchen carpet, an area rug can give extra protection to areas that accumulate the most food crumbs or wet spills. These areas may be places like the floor in front of the refrigerator or in front of the sink. Under a baby's high chair is another place that may need protection. Kids' room rugs need to be washable. Any high traffic area like a hallway or a place where traffic criss-crosses is right for an area rug to protect whatever kind of flooring you have underneath.

When a rug's label says it is washable, do not take that message at face value and assume you will be able to throw it in your washing machine and dryer with the rest of your laundry with plenty of hot water or hot tumbling. Read the laundering instructions carefully. If it is washable in warm water and soap you may do so, but you do not want your rug to become misshapen, shrink, or cause its latex backing to begin to flake or shred with improper handling. If it is machine washable, you may be required to use cold water with a gentle or delicate cycle to minimize stress to the rug. Even when not explicitly stated, when washing with cold water, using a detergent specifically designed for cold water will get you the best results. If you suspect your machine will get off balance, you can add a few towels to help it. In every case, follow the manufacturer's directions to avoid a disappointing result. Some rugs will be labeled hand washable, so they will require washing by hand in a bathtub or using the hose cleaning described below. Some will simply be too large to fit in your machine in any case.

Some rugs, especially those of the outdoor area rug variety, are said to be cleanable by hose. This means using your garden hose equipped with a good nozzle that can direct some water with a little force. It also works best if you can clean the rug at some outdoor area like a driveway where there is a little slope to it. Be sure the place you use is clean first. If you are cleaning the rug on the patio where it usually lies, there may have gotten an accumulation of dirt under it. Remove the rug first, clean the surface patio floor, and then clean your rug by spraying it with water on both sides. It may take several turnings to get the rug as clean as you like it. If you have a hanging laundry line or a porch rail where you can hang the rug, this can also work well for cleaning the rug and letting it drain and dry afterwards.

Some rugs may need to be professionally cleaned, meaning you will want to find a laundering service that advertises that they clean rugs or use a rug cleaning specialist of the type that comes to your home and cleans your wall-to-wall carpets. Most rugs can be cleaned in some manner; even if it is dry cleaned, by a professional, so it is not very fair to the consumer, in our opinion, if a rug has been labeled as washable or cleanable, but requires a professional.

Washable Area Rugs Table Runners

Washable area rugs are important because, by their very function, they will accumulate a lot of dirt, dust, debris and even pet dander over the course of their lives. Here at Beautiful Rug, we carry a wide variety of rugs, placing an emphasis on rugs, runners and other products that you can conveniently wash so that they stay looking bright and vibrant all the time.

From our washable table runners to area rugs, hallway runners, throws, pillows and more, Beautiful Rug has all the essential decor items that you would need to transform a room. These washable carpets, rugs and runners are available in a wide variety of styles, including, but certainly not limited to:

  • Traditional
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Natural
  • Southwestern
  • Contemporary
  • Modern
  • Animal inspiration
  • And more

Many of these area rugs are washable, meaning that, with minimal effort, you are able to extend the value of your investment by making sure these rugs look nice all year round and stand the test of time.

The basics of keeping your rugs and runners clean

If your rug runners are washable, that means you can either stick them in the washing machine alongside your clothes or else have them cleaned with an industrial washer. However, a full washing shouldn’t necessarily be a frequent necessity.

There are other ways to keep washable area rugs clean and looking good. They include:

  • Vacuuming them regularly: This is the easiest, and most basic way to keep the dirt and debris off of your rugs. You can even use a vacuum attachment to vacuum your washable table runners.
  • Turning them over: When one side of your rug starts to look worn and dingy, simply flip the rug over and show the side that hasn’t been excessively exposed to the elements.
  • Brush them: If your rug is proving to be a magnet for pet hair, then you can easily brush it out to remove this form of debris.

It’s important to keep rugs clean. Rugs are often used to protect your floors, so they absorb significant foot traffic. In some cases, rugs are the first thing that a guest in your home still step on when coming in from outdoors.

Beautiful Rug rugs and table runners are washable!

Beautiful Rug makes it easy to shop for washable area rugs. You can sort through our extensive inventory based on style, shape or color for a convenient shopping experience. Our customer service team is also available via our live chat function if you have any questions. See why Beautiful Rug is a leading online rug retailer by shopping with us right now.

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