Wool Flokati Rugs

Wool Flokati Rugs from Greece

This Popular Handmade Area Rug Makes a Soft, Warm Floor Covering

Flokati Rug 8x10

Flokati Rug 8x10

Nothing looks or feels like the luxury of pure wool Flokati rugs for contemporary interior decor. Flokati rugs are a traditional art form imported from Greece where sheep herders crafted handmade rugs to use as warm clothing and soft blankets - as well as a floor covering.

Flokati Rugs - Keeping it clean

Made from the best quality New Zealand wool, these fluffy, deep pile area rugs are easy to care for – try cleaning with a shake and a rake! A small size square or round Flokati rug is machine washable on the gentle cycle with mild soap products, while large rectangle ones can be hand washed or cleaned by professionals. The normal color is off-white but different colored dyes offer other decorating options.

Flokati Rugs Greek Tradition

In generations past Flokati throw rugs were hand woven by people who appreciated the characteristics of wool as protection from the environment. However, they are more than just a part of history or a trend of the 1960s, since Flokati rugs have become known throughout the world for their luxurious design.

As a natural type of shag, sheepskin is water repellent and fire resistant. Although they have been around for centuries, Flokati area rugs are a modern way to decorate any home in style.

Discount Flokati Rugs

Save money on low cost discount Flokati rugs by choosing from a wide selection of online deals including clearance items, overstock and discontinued lines. Inexpensive wool Flokati rugs in oriental and Persian designs are sold by merchants who deal directly with artisans.

Compare bargain prices on braided oval and round rugs, contemporary shag or a colorful flokati area rug. Purchase a discount sisal or jute rug for a unique and durable floor covering.

Find information about how to order discount area rugs at significant savings using coupons. Some stores offer a lowest price guarantee and free shipping to make redecorating your home affordable on a budget.


Flokati Rug 8x10

Nothing looks like or feels like the luxury of 100% wool Flokati rugs from Greece. Hand woven from the best quality wool these deep pile Flotaki carpets are machine washable and will keep their softness and beauty for years.

Flokati Rug 8x10

Flokati Rug 8x10

See for yourself what the Greeks have known for hundreds of years – that for softness, warmth and beauty, you can’t beat plush Flokati rugs

Flokati Sheepskin Rug

In generations past Flokati Sheepskin rugs were hand made by Greek shepherds who found an ideal way to protect their families during winter. They would weave the wool from sheep and goats into clothing and rugs that could keep them comfortable through the winter months.

Shag Rug 8x10

Flokati Sheepskin rugs

Wool was the ideal fiber because it is naturally warm, water repellent and fire resistant. Now a days these beautiful Flokati designs are a welcome luxury in any house.

No matter where you put them, these elegant carpets are sure to complement your home. Although their history is impressive, Flokati rugs are a very up to date way to decorate your home in style.


When dyed, wool fibers keep their color beautifully. From the neutral shades of gray, black, tan and natural to more vibrant shades of orange, violet and pink, you will be able to find the color that fits in with your decor. Compare Flokati prices at the merchants listed here to find the best deal.

White Flokati Rug

White Flokati rugs are more than just a trend from the 1960s, they are a contemporary decorating option for your home that provide style and fun. Put your new Flokati in front of the fireplace. Lie down in the plush, deep pile and relax in the comfort and warmth that Greek shepherds knew.

White Flokati Rug

White Flokati Rug

Round Flokati Rug

Your investment will pay dividends in comfort and style for your home. Since wool keeps its springy pile for years and stays new looking for longer, Round Flokati rugs retain their beauty for a long time.


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