Dhurrie Rrugs

About Dhurrie rugs (also known as durrie or durry)

Dhurrie rugs also known as durrie or durry are basically flat and thick woven carpets or rugs. These are traditionally used in India as floor coverings. Although the concept of dhurries is different from that of carpets or rugs they can be described in these terms as they also serve such purposes.

Dhurrie rug

Dhurrie rug

You can find variety of uses of dhurries depending on their varied sizes, material and patterns. The smallest dhurrie which you can find will be of 12”*12’’. Such dhurries can be used as table covers for telephone stands or flower vases. People also prefer dhurrie rugs for doing meditation. Such dhurrie rugs are of approximately 24’’ by 24’’. They are known as Aasans. You can also buy dhurrie rugs of 20 feet by 20 feet. They can be used in large social or political gatherings. They are easily foldable and light in weight. So you can carry them easily. The number of types of patterns and colours available in them are uncountable. You can choose from a large variety of dhurries as per your use.

These are the best kinds because they have a low maintenance cost since they do not get infected by insects like silverfish which usually spoil carpets. You can use them all round the year.

Dhurrie Rugs For Sale

You can find all types of dhurrie rugs on sale. Main ones include cotton dhurrie rugs, wool dhurrie rugs, jute dhurrie rugs and silk dhurrie rugs. These are made by skilled artists mainly from Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. Many places have the custom of giving dhurrie rugs as dowries at the time of daughter’s marriage.

Dhurrie Area Rugs

The dhurrie rugs which are made in Rajasthan’s Salawas are known as Panja dhurries. They are exported at a large scale. Madhya Pradesh is popular for the colorful and sturdy character dhurrie rugs it produces. Uttar Pradesh’s Kharidabad is a well known dhurrie making centre. The dhurrie rugs made here which are called sitapur dhurries are based on the technique of flat weave which uses horizontal looms.

Cotton Dhurrie Rugs

Cotton dhurrie rugs remain warm in winters and cool in summers. They are truly an excellent variety of dhurrie rugs. You can look at the products offered by ShalinIndia which sells dhurrie rugs online as well. You can try out the floor cotton dhurrie rug which comes in a length of 4.9 feet and width of 3 feet. It is made of 100% cotton fiber. These are specially crafted by the artisan of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. They are used as floor coverings which can very well enhance the ambience of the room. They can be both dry cleaned and hand washed.

Wool Dhurrie Rugs

You can purchase an absolutely appealing piece of wool dhurrie rug for just $75.99. Wool dhurrie rugs made of pure wool with a cotton backing are available by the Safavieh. It has a hand woven construction as well.
Dhurrie rugs are multipurpose and you can have a good bargain if you choose from the above mentioned products.

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