Kilim Rugs

About Kilim Rugs

The rugs which are tapestry woven carpets are known as Kilims. They are manufactured from the Balkans to Pakistan. You can use them as prayer rugs or use them for purely decorative purposes. Many western countries have started using the recently made rugs as floor coverings.

Kilim rug store

Kilim rug store

The weaving technique involved in the making of Kilim rugs includes tight interweaving of the warp and weft strands of the weave. It turns out to produce a surface which is flat and has no piles. Most of the Kilim rugs have a weave which is weft facing. It means that the horizontal weft strands are pulled in the downward direction to cover the vertical warp strands.

There are many kinds of Kilim rugs available in the market. You can even order them online. Here is a little description of the kinds of Kilim rugs available and what all features you should look for in them.

Turkish Kilim Rugs

You can decorate your house with any of the handmade Turkish Kilim rugs. These are the ones which can enhance the beauty of your rooms. You can go for the Oriental rugs from Oscar Isberian Rugs. It is a family owned company which has been operating since 1920. It is a firm which has been a winner of the National Rug Retailer of the Year award. Their specialists of rug travel all over the globe even India, Pakistan, Nepal, Turkey and Armenia.

Kilim rug

Kilim rug

They purchase the finest oriental rugs from different places in bulk. This helps them to pass on their savings to their customers. You can trust this company because they have been serving people for quite a long time now. They can provide the best sale and cleaning services. So you must try their products.

Antique Kilim Rugs

These Kilim rugs are anybody’s desire who want their home to look fabulous with an authentic masterpiece. These are made from 100% wool and are hand crafted in India. They have an antique finish and require a professional cleaning. It has a tremendous combination of tribal patterns with the soft colour tones of today. The way these rugs are made they are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Wool Kilim Rugs

When it comes to wool kilim rugs then you must look out for one of the products by the Heritage unlimited. They sell wool kilim rugs in colours like pink, blue, brown, navy blue, etc. the material used is 100% wool foundation. They are the flat weave rugs and are of approximately 3’11*5’11 in size. They are available in traditional designs and cost $96.00 if you order them online. It will be a nice deal to buy such beautifully hand woven rugs made in India.

Kilim rugs are really amazing when placed in any kind of rooms. They just add to the beauty of any place and definitely make people admire their fine craft.

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