The Beauty of Dhurrie Rugs

Dhurrie rugs are highly popular in many countries around the world. They are flat, woven rugs that are made from a variety of fabrics such as wool, cotton or silk.

Typically woven on horizontal looms, such rugs feature a tight weave and no pile. For this reason they are both practical and attractive, making them the ideal household rug for virtually anyone.

Dhurrie Rug

The History of Dhurrie Rugs

Dhurrie rugs boast a long and interesting history, which dates back thousands of years to India and other countries in the Eastern world such as China and Indonesia. Dhurrie rugs can be found in a variety of designs and colors that will complement the decor of any home in which they are placed.

Most dhurrie rugs are made in India, where the techniques used by weavers are still handed down from one generation to the next. Some families earn their entire livelihood through the weaving of these beautiful rugs. In Northern India, such rugs can be found featuring dragons or clouds, while rugs made in the southern part of the country may depict flowers, birds or landscapes.

However, the popular favorite of homeowners and decorators throughout the world is still the colorful stripes or other geometric patterns for which such rugs are famous.

Dhurrie Rugs Trends and Various Uses

In the 1940s, when the popularity of such rugs began to skyrocket, many weavers strove to incorporate new colors and patterns into their designs. It was during this time that such rugs became a decorative, rather than a purely functional item.

Consumers began using them as accent rugs to add flair to an otherwise bland room or to draw the eye to a particular area of the home. They are also often used to brighten a dark corner or hallway. A dhurrie rug can double as an attractive and unique wall hanging, as well.

Their uses are limited only by one’s imagination due to their versatility and the vast array of sizes in which they can be found.

Dhurrie Rugs A Perfect Choice for Virtually Any Motif

The overall style of the dhurrie rug is warm and casual, making it an ideal addition to homes that feature traditional, country, rustic or minimalist decor.

Dhurrie rugs can be found in soft pastel colors or bold vibrant shades, making it easy to find a design to blend with the color scheme of any room. In addition, such rugs can be placed over wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs or hardwood flooring.

The beautiful woven pattern is identical on either side of the rug, and therefore it can be flipped over when it becomes dirty. This helps preserve the rug, as it does not need to be cleaned as often as a one-sided rug.It’s possible to find all kinds of geometric shapes and patterns. One of the most popular types are striped dhurrie rugs.

Cleaning a Dhurrie Rug

Cleaning a dhurrie rug is not a difficult process, as most stains can be effectively eliminated through the use of a mild carpet cleaner. Certain dhurrie rugs can be placed in a washing machine; however, it is always wise to read the manufacturer’s instructions regarding this activity.

If the rug is not placed in a high-traffic area, many consumers find that they can simply shake dirt and debris from the rug in order to make it look like new.

A person can also clean such a rug through the use of a vacuum cleaner, but it is important to avoid the edges of the rug so that it is not caught and subsequently ruined by the suction.

Although certain dhurrie rugs must be dry cleaned, such as those made from silk, most are very low maintenance, which further adds to their popularity in the eyes of many consumers.

of Dhurrie Rugs Additional Considerations
Such rugs can be purchased online or in traditional department stores or furniture outlets. Because they never go out of style, some consumers choose to place dhurrie rugs in every room in their home.

Due to the vast array of colors and designs available, it is not difficult to decorate one’s entire dwelling with such rugs.

Additionally, many individuals find that they are a perfect alternative to wall-to-wall carpeting or other more expensive flooring options.

Personal preferences vary significantly from one consumer to the next, but virtually anyone would agree that dhurrie rugs add beauty and charm to any home in which they are placed.

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