Ushak Rugs (Oushak)

About Ushak Rugs

Make Your Home Look Like a Palace with Ushak Rugs
Ushak rugs originated in the small town of Ushak in west central Turkey. Even though the tradition of rug production began as early as the 15th century, a large scale commercial production began taking place there in the 19th century due to the demand for large room size rugs in Europe and the United States. Ushak rugs have a reputation of being fit for a king, even today.

Ushak Rugs Quality

Because of their extraordinary beauty and quality, Ushak rugs took their rightful place in the palaces and the courts of the Ottoman Empire and many European countries.
Today the rugs are much in demand and sold at the big auctions. However, these rugs are so valuable, that if they are antique they are almost priceless.

Old Ushak Rugs

Old Ushak rugs are 100% wool and of very high quality. These coarsely woven rugs are virtually always pastel in tone. Some designs consist of medallions, variations on Milas prayer rug schemes, and floral patterns. As with all handmade rugs, the size can vary by one or two inches.

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