Bakhtiari Rugs

A Bakhtiari rug will lend beauty and energy to any living space.

Bakhtiari Rugs History

Bakhtiari rugs are named for the BAKHTIARI tribe found in the area southwest of Isfahan. The Bakhtiari tribe is located in a region known for having very luxurious wool, which produces excellent carpets. As a result, Bakhtiari rugs are some of the most sought after rugs in the world.

Among the best known of the Bakhtiari rugs are the Garden carpets with their flower and tendril?filled compartment designs. There is a great variety of colors in the carpets produced in the several hundred villages of the area. However, the principal colors include many white and ivory shades, as well as various red, browns, greens and yellows. Natural dyes generally produce a harmonious range of color especially on older pieces.

Bakhtiari Rugs Shape

Bakhtiari rugs most often have rectangular panels, with geometric motifs set inside of them. A few Bakhtiari carpets have medallion designs borrowed from surrounding weaving villages. Small and large rugs up to 1.50x2.20m are produced, occasionally narrow runners. Room size carpets up to 4x5m are produced in workshops.

Bakhtiari Rugs Price

There are wide variation in quality and price between different carpets from this provenance, ranging from consumer carpets up to excellent collector's pieces.
Hori carpets are generally of lower quality while Bibibaff, Chapel Shotur and Saman pieces are good to excellent. Bakhtiari rugs are a great way to add beauty to any room.

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