Isfahan Rugs

About Isfahan Rugs

Beautify Your Home With an Isfahan Rug
The Isfahan rug is a carpet made in Iran. It takes its name from the town in which the rugs are created. It is widely acclaimed as the best Persian rug on the market and sought after as being one of the finest handmade carpets in the world. Due to the extraordinary quality of the Isfahan rug, the price is quite costly, sometimes running as high as several hundred dollars for one rug. The price usually depends on the number of Persian knots and these can be seen on the back of the rug.

Pattern of Isfahan Rugs

The pattern of the Isfahan rug is usually a single medallion that surrounds whorls and palmettos, while at the same time being perfectly symmetrical and balanced. The usual size of this specialty carpet from Iran is small – 4x6 feet or 8X10 feet. However, since the rugs are usually made for special orders, it is possible to get a larger rug, such as one that measures 10 x 18 feet. The standard colors of such a priceless rug are an ivory background with blue, rose and indigo motifs.

Texture of Isfahan Rugs

The texture of an Isfahan rug is soft wool in very tight piles. In the foundation, the warps are mostly made from silk, while the wefts are made from either cotton, wool or silk. The master workshops of today use mainly silk, but the older ones use cotton as this was the material for the original rugs.

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