Kashan Rugs

About Kashan Rugs

Bring a rich cultural legacy to your home with a Kashan rug.
Being among the finest of the handmade Oriental rugs, Kashan rugs are not just accessories for your home. Throughout history, Kashan rugs have been the object of fascination, desire, and status. Still called today 'the palace carpet' by many, this distinguished carpet was used to cover the walls of elaborate palaces with their beautifully balanced designs of well proportioned flowers, palmettes and other traditional details.

Kashan Rugs History

Kashan rugs are made in Kashan - a city in North Central Iran. It is surrounded by desert and marginal land that does not provide a source of good wool. Therefore, from roughly 1890 to 1930 the main source of wool was Manchester UK. It was fine soft garment wool that was processed in Manchester from Merino sheep. However, after 1930 the primary source of wool has been Sabzavar.

Kashan rugs are the most conservative of all Persaian Carpet. Although they are not all the same, they do maintain a consistent look. They all have a very similar pattern, containing a single medallion in the center and Persian floral motifs, including arabesques and flower stems, palmettos, rosettes, blossom and leaf motifs. Ivory, light green and red are the predominate colors.

Kashan Rugs Types

Kashan rugs are one of the greatest looking carpets in Iran and the world. They are home production not workshop rugs. Consisting of soft wool, which is sometimes combined with silk, these carpets are made with Persian knots. The weave is fine to exceptionally fine.

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