Kashmar Rugs

Kashmar rugs transport us to a time and place where royalty and beauty reigned supreme.

Kashmar rugs are are characterized by their large size, exquisite patterns, and inviting, earthy colors. The patterns on the rug read like a scroll that paints vivid landscapes of Persia, circa the 1700s. Nature is held in high regard, and is thus displayed the most frequently throughout the imagery. Beautiful threads weave a picturesque statement for any room in your home. Add life to your surroundings with a wide variety of Kashmar rugs. Surprise and flatter your floor with a masterpiece you can hand down for many generations.

Kashmar rugs are some of the sturdiest and most durable around. A majority of the rugs receive the utmost finesse and craftsmanship by those located directly within the city of Kashmar. Each rug is handled with care and born with a uniqueness unlike any other. Capture the beauty of one of these rugs for any room in your home. The color, designs and texture will create a prized centerpiece for your home.

The texture of Kasmar rugs is very soft and smooth, which is quite a contrast from it's sturdy makeup. Almost all Kashmar rugs are made with a pile of wool. Silk is another material that is also sometimes also used to serve as the foundation of the rug, which can give it a very slick and glossy feel. Owning one of these rugs is not only a means of beautification for your home, but also a gateway into the past. They'll look great adorning your living room floor and also enchant you with their evocative history.

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