Mashad Rugs

Breathe life into a blah room with a variety of dazzling Mashad rugs.
For any room that cries for a decorators touch, Mashad rugs are the perfect pick. Mashad rugs are bright and are cleverly colored, infusing a warm, rich ambiance into any room that needs a creative touch. Best-known for their stark tones of red or blue color schemes and their amazing longevity, they age well and typically last forever. These rugs are both beautiful and dutiful. They add a creativity and imagination to any room in your home. A pleasure piece to hand down for many generations. Capture a true treasure with the purchase of one of the splendid designs of this amazing rug.

The distinguishing characteristic of the Mashad rug is their elongated corners. This feature differentiates it from other Persian rugs . The corners of the Mashad medallion-and-corner layout are so long that they either almost meet, and in some cases actually do meet near the center of each border on each side of the rug. Another feature of the Mashad rug, is the weavers' almost exclusive use of deep red for the background and dark blue for the medallion, corners, and the border. However, all colors may be used in creating the motifs. It can take thousands of handmade hours to make this rug and they are very valuable as antiques.

The value of these rugs only increase with time. Many styles, colors, patterns and sizes of this rug are available. Decorate your home with the highest quality Persian and Oriental Mashad rugs that are handmade in Iran. You can choose from patterns such as floral, geometric and pictorial. Transform your home into a warm and comforting space with one of these magnificent rugs. Be proud of the texture of one of these beautiful rugs beneath your feet and thrill your guests as they enter a transformed room that hold a truly stunning picture. Complete your wish list and purchase one of these glorious rugs today.

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