Serapi Rugs

About Serapi Rugs

Serapi rugs come from the name serab rugs and will add beauty to any room.
Serapi rugs were first made and produced in a small town name Serab. The “i” is added to the end of the name just to signify that the serapi rugs come from the town of Serab. These rugs make a beautiful addition to any home and can be incorporated into any room due to the fact that they have nice mellow colors that can be paired with just about any color scheme.

Serapi Rugs History

Serapi rugs are quite similar to Heriz rugs because they come from the same area. In certain stores and trade shows, if you are looking for a serapi rug then you would need to look for rugs that fall under the name of Serab Khanate.

Serapi rugs used to be called Serab rugs and is not really clear when they changed names. It has been suggested that it was around 1876 when the Prince of Wales made a trip to India on the H.M.S Serapis. These rugs became very popular during this time when more and more people were becoming fascinated with carpet and were therefore placing carpet in their homes.

Serapi Rugs Styles

The serapi rugs come in different sizes and designs, but it seems that most of the rugs themselves have more a plaid look to them. The designs are quite simple and therefore can be paired with any kind of furniture and color that you wish to place in the room.

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