Tabriz Rugs

Tabriz rugs patterns ebb-and-flow while retaining a thematic symmetry that will transform any room with beauty.

Tabriz Rugs Colors

The Tabriz rug's color pallet consists mainly of striking browns, blues and reds; drawing the observer into it's rich cultural and geographical history. The designs evoke a time-long-past, yet unearthed and brought back to life with a mere glance. Newer Tabriz rugs expand the color palliate by introducing soothing soft green, blue and light brown. So no matter what your preference in regards to color, there's bound to be one of these rugs that will win you over.

Tabriz Rug Material

Tabriz rugs are simultaneously soft and rugged; supple and firm; light, yet with a definite heaviness. This contrast of attributes gives the rug it's outstanding versatility. Both Turkish and Persian knots are used in these rugs. Turkish knots are symmetric and intertwined at the ropes' center. Persian knots are asymmetric and don't share a common bond at the center. Using two different knotting styles in the construction of the rug makes it's constitution all the stronger.

Tabriz Rug a Piece of History

The older the Tabriz rug, the better the quality. This means that you will not only own a piece of history, but will also have a rug that will last you well into the future without any radical signs of detriment. These rugs are some of the most historical rugs available, and look great in any large, primary room.

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