Alphabet Rugs

About Alphabet Rugs

From an early age, children are exposed to thousands of visual and audio cues every day. Whether watching television, playing with toys, interacting with other kids or the soothing sound of a mother's voice, these cues play an important part in a child's development. Creating an environment that enhances early childhood develop can be fun and educational.

Alphabet Rugs

From the time children are able to crawl, there are great opportunities to help them learn. Since toddlers spend lots of time on the floor, an alphabet rug can be both lots of fun and a valuable teaching tool.

Children Alphabet Rug

Studies have shown that teaching a child to read at an early age has tremendous benefits. With today's emphasis on early childhood education, parents are looking for toys and tools that can help their kids learn, have fun and add positive images to the child's environment. Placed in the child's room, play space and other areas of the home, alphabet rugs of all shapes and sizes have shown to help kids identify letters, shapes and even words.

An important part of a child's early cognitive development is the memorization of shapes such as letters and numbers. The quicker a child is able to identify individual letters the next step of combining letters into simple words and even phrases becomes easier.

Alphabet Rug in All Shapes and Sizes

Alphabet rugs for kids come in all shapes and sizes. Round ones, rectangles and even alphabet carpet squares can help you decorate your child's room with color and visual cues. From nurseries and daycare centers to your family room, alphabet rugs for kids combine the best of fun, color and educational opportunities for both you and your child. Imagine the joy of hearing your child repeat the ABC's for the first time. An important part of early childhood development is learning to identify basic shapes.

Round Alphabet Rugs

Adding to the fun and variety of kid's rugs are fun depictions of cars, fire trucks, tractors, trains and dump trucks that children are sure to find fun and entertaining.

Lions and Tigers and Stars

Just as educational as alphabet rugs for kids, kid's rugs come in an entertaining and educational array of shapes, colors and subjects. From images of far away planets and stars to animals, kid's rugs are a great way to compliment educational television and children's books. Outer space has been fascinating both children and adults since the dawn of time. There are a variety of colorful and instructional kid's rugs that depict our solar system.

Alphabet and kid's rugs can help your toddler learn about the flora and fauna of the world, with fun shapes of animals and flowers. It is never too early to help children learn more about the world around them. Kid's rugs that feature country shapes, the continents and the world's vast oceans can add a brightly colorful way for kids to learn about the world. Alphabet and other types of rugs for kids can even help children develop skills in other languages. Kid's rugs that feature bi-lingual phrases and descriptions of objects are a great way to expose children to other languages and cultures. Bilingual kid's rugs are available in a variety of different languages.

Like learning another language, the language of sign can be an important life skill. There are alphabet and kid's rugs designed especially to help young children learn basic sign language. Learning sign language can help children better understand the challenges other kids face, helping them to be better members of their school and local communities.

Simple children's games are a popular theme for alphabet and rugs for kids. From tic-tac-toe and hop scotch to multiplication and other math-based games, alphabet and kid's rugs are perfect for the time during play dates and fun time. From cowboys and cowgirls to flowers, butterflies and footballs, there is an alphabet rug or kid's rug perfect for any child. Dinosaurs, ships and boats and popular characters from children's fairy tales will brighten you child's room and help to engage their growing curiosity about the world and beyond.

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