Antique Navajo Rugs

Antique Navajo rugs for beauty and utility.
Antique Navajo rugs are masterworks of art meant to walk on, or hung as wall art. Antique Navajo rugs are dazzling regardless of whose criteria of art is used to judge them. They are evocative, timeless portraits which, like all good art, transcend time and space.

Antique Navajo rugs have captured the imagination of many not only because they are beautiful, well-woven textiles but also because they so accurately mirror the social and economic history of Navajo people. Navajo women wove their life experiences into the pieces, as a writer puts his life experiences in a diary.

Be amazed at how Antique Navajo rugs bring fashion into bedrooms, living rooms, playrooms, hallways, or the patio. Surprise yourself with the colorful touch they bring, in a wide array color and textures. These rugs are manufactured with a steadfast devotion to high quality and style, right here in the USA. Innovative concepts and custom design options are available online. There are many styles and design patterns, with each creating a special texture that results in very unique and beautiful home product decorator utility item. Other top reasons for selecting a specific yarn or fabric of this rug is their resistance to moisture and stains, strength against abrasion, environmental concerns, and pride. You can find a fine selection of these quality rugs online. There is an ageless beauty to this type of rug.

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