Brown Rugs

The exciting world of brown rugs explored, along with a few of our favorites.

Brown rugs may appear to be just like other rug colors on the surface, but they’re loved and used by many people for their utility and looks. They offer a homely and cozy feel that may look great in one of many rooms. This article will give you a bit more info on brown area rugs, in addition to a few products that may be of interest to you.

A brown rug may come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. There are small decorative brown accent rugs and larger area rugs that may take up the bulk of a room. Some are rectangular, but there are also plenty of round brown rugs if you’re looking for something a bit more contemporary.

And speaking of contemporary, there are plenty of contemporary brown rugs, but you’ll find just as many traditional, country, rustic, antique, and other varieties of this color. IT all depends on the look and feel that you’re going for in your home.

In traditional stores and via online stores, you can find a wide range of cozy and stylish designs that take on all of the styles, shapes, and sizes mentioned above. Where you go from here is obviously up to you, but here are some ideas that may spark your interest.

Online stores have expansive collections of brown rug ideas, which include special items like brown shag rugs, brown outdoor rugs, and much more. Here’s a quick glimpse of a few.

Brown Area Rugs

Brown area rugs come in many sizes and styles, making a great addition to any room.

Brown area rugs can add great décor to either your home or office, both indoors or outside. While many people prefer to go with bright colors to liven up the atmosphere in a room, brown has a majestic appeal all in its own. This article should give you a few ideas about some of the many brown rug possibilities available for purchase online.

This product is available at What makes this floor covering interesting is the inspiration of the Oriental Weavers Sphinx Tones collection, giving it an Eastern world feel. It’s a sleek, modern, and transitional accessory.

This product is a great match for any room that features modern or contemporary furniture. Other things notable about this rug are its rich shades of brown, in addition to a delicately detailed hard carving that gives this piece some unique character all in its own.

This is another brown area rug also offered at This products hails from the company’s Serenity Collection and it’s specially woven with a delicate heat-set polypropylene. This results in an outstanding mix of unique patterns, along with skillfully aged colors.

This rug is the perfect blend of old and new, as traditional patterns and themes are rounded off with a modern touch. Have a look at this item if you appreciate elements like these.

This is a brown round area rug that could even be used outside. If you need something durable that stands up well to dirt, weather, and high impact, this could be a great option for you. You can find this product at You might expect that something like this isn’t too stylish, but don’t be fooled. These are hand hooked with a traditional motif, giving them some great versatility that combines functionality with style. This is perfect for patios, decks, and even outdoor areas right by the door.

Though their primary color is brown, you’ll find them nicely accentuated with great colors like sage, light brown, tan, beige, deep red, or grey-blue. They also come adorned with a nice floral pattern too. With a 0.437 inch thickness, you can be sure that these will stand up to wear and tear.

There are a number of outlets offering this rug, and a quick online search will reveal the many options. This area rug in brown is a hand-knotted masterpiece and is delicately woven in India. What makes this product unique is the fact that it’s a 100% wool brown area rug.

The Harounian name is a well known name in the world of rugs, and their reputation for high quality products is matched by few. For more than four decades, David and Lee Harounian have brought fresh and original designs to the world of floor rugs.

Other places that you can find brown area rugs include, House Accents, RugStudio or NilimaRugs. Simply run some searches on the web, and you’ll be exposed to an entire world of great possibilities.

Synthetic Shag Rug

If you can get your hands on this one, you’ll be rewarding yourself with a plush brown rug that today’s modern decorators love. Order one for your living room or entryway to bring fresh style to your home decor.

This is a canvas backed rug and it’s made out of synthetic material. This product will turn out to be durable for even the most high-traffic areas of your home. The entire rug is hand hooked and fully wear-resistant material is used here. Even better is the fact that this product comes with varying thickness within the yarns and thus creates really comfortable texture.

Faux Sheepskin Brown Area Rug

If you want luxury with softness, this is your product! This is rug made out of real sheepskin. Fortunately, it won’t weigh you down with a super expensive price tag. In addition to this product, the faux sheepskin area rugs from this manufacturer come with a very real look and feel – just like the real thing, with a fur-like texture and suede-like backing. The brown synthetic rugs from this maker are durable and adeptly crafted.

Tightly Wilton-Woven of Derclon

This product is really meant for withstanding heavy usage, so you can use it in heavy traffic areas like your bathroom and your living room. You’ll get some great pictures of the rug on the website, but you can always call them to see if any affiliated showrooms may sell it locally, allowing you to see it in person.

Nevertheless, all photos  are almost real looking – and no matter which site you browse for getting an accurate picture of brown rugs available, you should definitely take the extra measures to read reviews from buyers who have already purchased the product. This always helps to firm up your chances of a successful purchase.

Saddle Stitch All-Weather Brown Area Rug

This product will give your room a great look, feel, and texture with its all natural fiber. In addition to its good looks, it will also give you all-weather durability. This is possible due to its saddle stitches. This brown outdoor rug is meant particularly for bringing in style as well as warmth to the exterior part of your home or office.

These were just a few of the many brown rugs that you can find with a quick search online. The most important things to determine at the end will be size, shape, material, patterns, and price. These should all come down to the needs of your room and the style that looks best with your floor and furniture. Happy shopping and good luck!

Brown Shag Rug

A brown shag rug is one of the best ways to add a modern look to your room.
Sometimes, the rooms in your house look like something is missing from them – there’s a void somewhere that needs to be filled. Something like the addition of a warm brown shag rug can make all the difference in the world with the color and style if adds to any atmosphere. Here, we’re going to look at a few of the many possibilities out there with respect to this rug style. You can find any of these at the retailers we’ll mention.

Cocoa Brown Shag Rug

At retail outlets you can find this product for less than $200. This cocoa brown rug is made by Home Comfort Rugs, and it adds that groovy look to a room that many of these do. It’s easy to maintain, as well. All you need to do is machine wash it once in a while, as no special treatment or dry cleaning is necessary here (though it should be dried on a cool setting to prevent shrinkage). What’s great about this rug is the fact that its this color is said to be fade-proof, and it won’t run when being washed either.

This brown shag rug is made out of acrylic materials, and it comes in multiple sizes. You’ll get specific prices when you visit the site and switch up the corresponding size. Perhaps the most popular dimensions are 5 x 8 feet though.

Thick Tufted Wool Brown Shag Rug

Selling for about $260, this rug is priced a bit higher than the last one we mentioned. It can be found from a few online retailers, most notably. Anyway, every fan of this style and lover of comfort should like this chocolate thick tufted product. It will surely give the area a thick look and feel, and the shag material is extremely soft.

The long woolen tufts on this rug are felted for absolute softness. After the felting, these rugs go through a hand woven process. This adds originality to the design of each and every product, justifying the higher price tag. The premium wool you get here is highly soft, plush, and plentiful.

Synthetic Shag Rug in Brown

Here’s another great product you can find online. Consistent with the style you’d probably be looking for, these are plush and contemporary rugs. They are especially designed to mesh with modern and highly trendy decorating schemes.

This shag brown rug makes the perfect addition to rooms like the living room, and looks great in entry ways too. It’s made of hand-tufted derclon. Since these are custom made, you should know that sizes and patterns may vary a bit by each rug, so everything you see online is a general approximation.


If you want to see these brown shag rugs, check out With a low $30 price tag, you’ll be very impressed with the value you get for this rug. It comes with olefin fibers that mesh well with its plain latex back. Measuring around 20L” x 58W”, this product is a smaller brown shag rug that shouldn’t be used as the centerpiece in a room. Still, it makes a great fit as an area rug in many settings.

You can get this brown shag area rug online. There are some good things to be said about this item. This rug features a blend of brown and seafoam, so it veers slightly from the solid brown that you’ll see in many other places.

It’s a contemporary rug, and it features a unique design on brown and lumpy seafoam. It’s hand-woven and made out of 100% polyacrylic material. Available sizes are 5ft x 8ft and 8ft x 10ft.

These are just a few brown shag rug possibilities out there. Most notably, you should look for something with the right dimensions and a style that stands out to you as something that suits your tastes. Have some fun with these groovy, soft accessories. They’re well worth the money spent!

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