Mouse Rugs

What are Mouse Rugs?

A mouse rug is an exclusive, wonderfully innovative computer mousing product that is more attractive, much more comfortable, and far more durable than any mouse mat product.

Designed Mouse Rugs

Designed Mouse Rugs

Mouse rugs are created by scanning real hand-woven rugs, digitizing and outputting the art files used in the fiber coating process. In this way all the little irregularities and imperfections are reproduced to make the finished product look like a miniature version of a genuine hand made rug.

Each mouse rug size is around 230 mm x 185 mm of live mousing area, and the fringe measures around   on each end.

Each mouse rug is made up of more than 7 million nylon fibers which are each 1 millimetre long.

Mouse Rugs Uses

Mouse rugs serve to:

  • Create an incredibly comfortable and soft mousing surface.
  • Work to continuously keep the mouse ball mechanism clean, practically eliminating the need for maintenance.
  • They help ground the mouse by drawing static electricity away, since the fibers are specially treated with a conductive finish.
  • Mouse rugs are washable, long lasting and highly collectible. Your mouse rug can be cleaned by hand washing with soap and water, lying flat to dry.

Mouse Rugs Production

Mouse rugs make perfect collectible gifts. Available for resale exclusively to specialty retailers of better gift shops, antique, museum, tourist, computer accessory shops and are proving to be best sellers at book, luggage, rug, furniture, collectibles and general merchandise shops internationally.

This eye-catching mouse rug has been specifically designed for retailers to display with style.

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