Rug vs. Carpet

Rug vs Carpet What's The Difference?

If you want to give your home a signature style, then rugs are a great way to go. While carpets might be a more mainstream option, there are drawbacks to this common flooring.

Rugs Benefits

Rugs, on the other hand, have certain benefits that carpets just do not. Here are some of the benefits of having rugs instead of carpeting in your home:Rugs have style.

Carpets Benefits

Carpets are typically in one neutral shade and pile. They are used to complement the surroundings or blend into the background, not to make a statement.

Rugs Use

Rugs, however, can be used to add vibrancy to rooms. Rugs pull rooms together and the right colors can really make living spaces pop! -Rugs are interchangeable.

Rugs Mobility

You can move rugs around and change them for new options. Carpets, however, do not have the same type of mobility. Instead, they belong solely to one room and the process of removing and replacing carpet is quite an undertaking. Rugs are easier to clean.


While cleaning a rug can still be a hassle, it is less of a process than carpet cleaning. Plus, if your rug gets a stain or if there is a problem in the weave, a professional dry cleaner or seamstress can correct the problem.


There are a variety of rugs. Unlike carpet, that comes in standard and limited types, rugs come in a huge variety of textures, colors, styles and types.


Choose a silk rug to create a luxurious atmosphere or an antique rug for a sophisticated look. Whatever style you prefer, there is almost always a rug to match your preference! At beautiful rug, we have the expertise and inventory to help you find the perfect rug, or rugs, for your home. From antique rugs to silk rugs, you can count on our high-quality rugs to spruce up and rejuvenate all the rooms in your house.

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