Heriz Rugs

About Heriz Rugs

Heriz rugs will not only add charm, but will add intrinsic value to any home.
Like many rugs, Heriz rugs is named for the town in which it is made. The district and the town of Heriz are known as historical places in the east Azarbaijan province of Iran. The town itself is internationally well?known for the good quality and very beautiful carpets which are produced there. As a result, Heriz rugs and carpets not only have artistic value in Iran, but throughout the world.

Heriz Rugs Quality

World renown for both their quality and beauty, Heriz rugs are often the centre pieces of the rooms in which they appear. The Tribal rug contains a thicker, heavier carpet than most other rugs, and is famed for its earth colors and geometric patterns. However, the fact that no two of these hand made rugs are identical may be why the Heriz rug is the most famous Persian Rug amongst collectors.

The quality of Heriz rugs vary. The old antique carpets (called Serapi) are very valuable and thus very costly. A newer carpet can cost anywhere from $ 8 to $ 28 per square foot. The rugs are available in many different sizes, the majority being mid size ( 4x6 or 8x10), but you can get them as large as 15x24.

Heriz Rugs Types

The majority of Heriz rugs and carpets have a large single medallion that has eight edges. Each rug is intricately woven with color coordinated tapered edges. Brown, beige and turquoise shades indicate older pieces, while the newer pieces tend to be light red, brown and sky blue.

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